Cynthia Patag's Petition To Honor 25% Shading Votes Is Proof That The Yellows Don't Care About Following SIMPLE GUIDELINES

It's really shocking at how Cynthia Patag is really aging so horribly -- hence she's also nicknamed as Cynthia PATAY which means dead in English. In this latest update from GMA-7 -- it's really obvious how the Liberal Party (or the presidential system for that matter) could care less about credibility as they care more about popularity. Who can remember her when she was in the 90s hit sitcom Palibhasang Lalake? It's really something how she went from a comedian for the television into a CLOWN in real life. 

She's now joining among those who want the Supreme Court who are taking care of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to honor the 25% shading which is INVALID. It's time to use some common sense in order to show how she's really just patay ang utak or brain dead with her joining the protest to honor the 25% shading. 

It's time to consider the BASIC GUIDELINES of shading ballots or any shaded exam. I remembered taking my College entrance exam or a couple of exams that required a black ballpen or in some cases a marker. The only ones that will be honored as correct answers are the shaded circles that are fully shaded. It's because they are the only ones that will be read by the electronic machines. This may prove that the PCOS Machines were tampered. A real valid voting machine will only READ what's shaded. In short, if a valid vote was for Rodrigo R. Duterte then it's for him and a valid vote for Mar Roxas is a valid vote for him. So why honor the 25% shading when it's not even allowed? Hmmm wait isn't COMELEC really an office where corruption reigns high such as letting Daniel Padilla and his love teammate Kathryn Bernardo GET AWAY with their violation of election guidelines?

This is showing how democracy is really a big joke. The right to suffrage has been violated by the Yellows just so they could stay in power. Tampering voting machines and preparing fake ballots should be punishable by jail time. Also, all those participating in the obstruction of the PET should really spend jail time. I guess that should also include Patag with her participation in such shenanigans -- which she may be charged with obstruction of justice.