It's Stupid To Criticize Mocha Uson's Award While Supporting Jover Laurio's Award At The Same Time

Personally, I think the University of Sto. Tomas Alumni Association shouldn't have given an award to Mocha Uson. I support President Rodrigo R. Duterte but I think appointing Uson as assistant secretary is one of his biggest mistakes. I can understand if some people have criticized it. I do criticize this decision as well and as much as I like President Duterte but he's not without his mistakes. I even don't like the idea of letting Uson run for Senator due to her obvious lack of competence. But haven't we forgotten something just as stupid if not more stupid than this event? 

Yup, let's consider the award given to another idiot named Jover Laurio. Why criticize Uson's award (and personally, some pro-Duterte bloggers are overly biased and thinks Duterte can do no wrong) when both Inquirer and Ateneo De Manila awarded Laurio's overly anti-intellectual work? For one, I even wish that Stephen Sackur would interview her on BBC HardTalk. While I don't think Uson could survive Sackur but it doesn't Laurio would.

An obviously bad case of Dilawan double standard indeed! 


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