Hilario Davide Is Right That Constitutional Reform Is A Leap To Hell

It's really something how Hilario Davide calls the 1987 Conjobstitution as the "best constitution" in the world. He's right but that's not the entire truth behind it. It's a leap to Hell for those who adhere to it because this is what's going to happen. But how is it a leap to Hell? You can consider that the Constitutional Reform's three point agenda will eventually be a leap to Hell for some people. So how will these reforms be a leap to Hell? Just read and find out!

Economic liberalization will mean the oligarchy goes to Hell. Whether it'd be the Aquinos of Tarlac or the Binays of Makati they grew in power because of economic protectionism. They held power for some time thanks to the power of protectionism. But remove all the unnecessary barriers and give reasonable restrictions and let's see how it'll go. All the companies owned by the oligarchs will have no choice but to share their power and innovate for the better. As said, it's either innovate for the better or consider perishing in the face of competition.

The federal system will mean the Imperial Manila system will go to Hell. The biggest reason why the Philippines is so congested and slow is because of the unitary system. Do you know why the super traffic in Beijing happened? It's because China is a unitary system. Would have China been federal then that kind of incident would have been avoided. The same goes for the traffic in Manila. Federalism will mean the Tagalista Grand Moffs will lose their power. It will also mean that other regions of the Philippines will have better share of power rather than have arrogant Grand Moffs tell the rest of the Philippines what to do.

The parliamentary system will mean that the popularity-based elections will go to Hell. That means it's time to put an end to people getting voted for their popularity. Why do you think people love the presidential system? It allows popular people who know nothing to get their seats. Athletes and celebrities have more chances of winning government positions instead of those who know much about politics and economics.

Yup, that's why Davide is right to call it a leap to Hell alright!


  1. I read the comments on Hilarious Davide and was wondering who this fucktard really is? Really, the PNoy constitution is the best in the world? I almost fell out of my chair with laughter. The 1987 constitution, by far, is the dumbest ever written. It caused all the bullshit that you see right now.


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