Antonio Trollanes' Death May Become A National Holiday Called #AntiEpalDay

I remembered hearing that Antonio #SundalongKanin (Rice Soldier) Trollanes may have said he's willing to become the next Ninoy Aquino. It came into my head that what if he got shot either by extrajudicial killings, corrupt cops, hired killers, etc. His death doesn't have to be in the airport. He can just get shot and maybe, #TindigPilipinas will make a "hero" out of him. They may even demand that he be buried at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani or Burial Place of Heroes. But I think his death may end up backfiring.

Yes, I think his death may become a holiday but not because he's celebrated as a hero. It may end up with the declaration of #AntiEpalDay. The reason behind declaring the new holiday called anti-epal day would be plain and simple. The death of Trollanes is the death of someone who's very epal which means attention seeker or attention whore. He has done nothing but use his Spreadsh*ts to spread unsubstantiated fantasies in the Internet. He claims to be fighting against #fakenews all the while he's probably the king of fake news himself.

Think of all the stupidity he said during the interview with Stephen Sackur. I wonder where his proof that President Duterte ruled Davao City like a king or a tyrant? A lot of the substance of his interview is full of unsubstantiated information. Perhaps the only truth he said during the interview was when he said he wasn't a Democrat but a Nacionalista (Nationalist) because that's the name of his political affiliation. That alone may have already shamed ever decent Pinoy living in Great Britain or even around the world.

His death wouldn't be a day of mourning. Instead, the streets of the Philippines may become flooded with celebration. While Tindig Pilipinas may mourn or cry as they prepare to bury him at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani they may not even get to bury him there. You may see a joyous celebration of the members of Tindig Pilipinas getting hurled at with rotten tomatoes, stones or garbage as part of the festivity. If he ever gets buried at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani you may end up seeing people celebrate his death by urinating at his grave marker. Either way, it may end up as a national day of rejoicing instead of a national day of mourning.