It's Okay To Celebrate Wins, Just Don't Be A Sore Winner

First of all I'd like to congratulate the Gilas basketball team for winning against China fair and square. There's always good and bad people in every nationality. Gilas proves that there's still some good in the Philippines but not that Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world. The problem isn't Filipinos winning competitions but the free riders that come after they win the competition. For one, successful Filipinos should be a source of shame and not a source of pride to Filipinos who are proud of their mediocrity and stupidity. After all, weren't a lot of successful Filipinos shamed by those Filipinos who are really proud of their wrong values? 

Filipinos have the right to celebrate the win provided they aren't part of the smart-shaming population. The families of the Gilas players have the right to celebrate their wins as long as they don't become sore winners. To be a sore winner means to gloat over victory. I personally find nothing wrong with having a modest eat out after a victory as long as one doesn't advertise it to the whole baranggay or pay dozens of advertisers to promote the wins. Also, it's okay to celebrate wins as long as humility and good sportsmanship are displayed.

Just a thought: it's best to also keep competition wins away from politics with China or any country. No, every sports competition should not be concentrated on politics but for the sake of a friendly game. Filipinos go to China to compete in sports and they win doesn't mean they've conquered China. Chinese competing in sports in the Philippines and they win doesn't mean they've conquered the Philippines. A foreign country's win in a friendly competition is not an act conquest. It should always be viewed as a friendly competition and not as a political strife. In short, keep politics out of friendly competitions because these competitions are meant to be celebrated in sportsmanship.