How Many Times Did You Scream Listening To This Tagalized Ultraman Ginga Promo?

Whether it's ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7 they really do a pretty horrible job at dubbing. One good reason why I decided to get fan subs for Korean shows or watch KBS (which has subtitles for non-Korean speakers) was because of how stupid the dub is. At first, I liked dubs better because subtitles kinda hurt my eyes until I started watching Tokusatsu fan subs. This promo of Ultraman Ginga makes me think of how stupid the dub can get. Just hear how the dubber says "Ginga Thunderbolt" and you'll see it really lacks enthusiasm.

So what's next? Is this a sign that sooner or later GMA-7 will dub Kamen Rider Drive with the cast of Tsuperhero? I could imagine the promo of Kamen Rider Drive with GMA-7 and the cast of Tsuperher dubs it. Can you imagine it if Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene voiced both Shunsuke Tomari and Kiriko Shijima? Just imagine all the hurt ears that will cause and please don't even get me started with the poor villain voicing being done on the Roidemuides. Can you imagine if the evil father of the year awardee Banno suddenly gets voided by a really lousy voice actor? 

Let's make more hypothetical scenarios than just Tsuperhero's cast dubbing Kamen Rider Drive. Could you imagine it if Richard Guiterrez were voicing Takeru or Shinken Red? That wouldn't even sound convincing that he's a samurai. I wouldn't even want Rhian Ramos Howell dubbing Mako or Shinken Pink. Could you imagine it if Daniel Padilla will voice Lucky and Kathryn Bernardo will voice Hammy in a Kyuranger dub? That would probably be super idiotic that meteorites will probably hit TV screens.

In the end, I just want to avoid watching it because it's too awful to listen too. Ugh!