Will You Give A Piso For Leni Loud?

There's the ongoing electoral protest and the Piso Paray Kay Leni movement for the electoral protest. Some people whether pro-Duterte or anti-Duterte hae raised the issue that the money of the Marcoses involves money of the Filipino people. Other people say that neither Leni nor Bongbong should be the vice-president since one stole votes and the other stole money. It's time to address the issue on how Leni Loud Robredo is indeed making a fool out of herself with her Piso Para Kay Leni Loud.

Don't tell me that she couldn't afford all her expensive trips where she's probably the incumbent vice president with the highest number of absences. Leah Navarro should have also asked, "Nasaan si Leni?" during the start of the Marawi Crisis. So why is there a Piso Para Kay Leni Loud movement while she's having all her expensive stuff or having all her expensive trips? Is it a cover-up for all her reckless spending of the people's money for her personal pleasure? If they want to tell people that "poor" Leni Loud has no money for the electoral protest then they better explain where she got the money for all her expensive trips.


  1. warning: nakakabobo ang walang patid na pag-amoy sa utot ng mga marcos #moveon


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