What Makes South Korean And Chinese Localized Versions Superior To Bootleg Quality Teleserye Versions

I'm open to localization for the reason that different locales have different cultures or that people should be given the chance to give their interpretation of different stories. I mean, I started getting into Taiwanese drama with Meteor Garden which its story was a localized plot of Hana Yori Dango. My problem kicks in when the localized version just turns out awful for most of its run. Let's think about the difference between the South Korean and Chinese (this may come from Taiwan, China or Hong Kong) versions of foreign shows vs. the teleserye versions.

I could remember about how I started watching Taiwanovelas thanks to Meteor Garden. Meteor Garden is based on Hana Yori Dango where everyone got Chinese names with more or less the same meaning in place of the Japanese names from the original Manga and Anime. Personally, my favorite is the Taiwanese interpretation of Meteor Garden in terms of cast. Barbie Xu-Wang makes such a badass Makino Tsukushi, Jerry Yan does a good job playing the jerk with a heart of gold Doumyoji Tsukasa and Zhen Xiu Zhen makes the mean-spirited Kaede Doumyoji come to life.

There were other Taiwanovelas that were based on Japanese Manga and Anime. They knew how to localize the content and put as many good actors as possible. Some of these Japanese Manga and Anime that had live adaptations in Taiwan were Yamada Taro, Marmalade Boy, Mars and Prince of Tennis. They carried things out and made the characters come to life in Taiwan. I know some of them could come out bad but there was some effort. Everyone was encouraged to improve in how they did their parts.

Gu Family Book has its similarities with the Anime known as Inuyasha. I can't deny how Japan inspired a lot of stuff we have today like Manhwa comics are inspired by Manga or how a lot of electronic technology today from developed countries started off with Japanese inventions. It's no surprise that Japanese shows would inspire the creation of several shows. I can't deny how Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae were more than just eye candy. They really kick ass in the show.

On the other hand, the teleserye versions are totally inferior not because they're made in the Philippines but because of how they're carried out. While they may not be bootleg in the sense of being illegal reproductions but they are called bootleg because of how poor the quality turns out to be. I remembered how the teleserye versions tend to water down characters. Let's take a good example of Full House the Korean vs. the teleserye version. Let's compare Jessie (Han Jie-Eun's dub name) in both versions.

I remembered watching the lame dub version and the teleserye version makes you forget the lame dub was a lame dub. Jessie in the Korean version is gutsy and doesn't give up. Song Hye Kyo is an amazing actress. Heart Evangelista is really one lame actress. Is it me or is the culture of Pwede Na Yan really prevalent in the Philippines? I can't get over how Heart's acting is that irritating and how the gutsy Jessie is turned into a crybaby. Jessie won't let Justin (Young Jae) push her around and she's one gutsy character. In the Filipino version, Jessie Asuncion is just a teleserye girl who's just there for eye candy. Also Ji-Eun is way prettier than Jessie though that's not what makes the former better. One could say that Jessie is a bootleg version of Ji-Eun. She may not be an illegal reproduction but she's the inferior version of the Korean character. Just think of how illegal reproduction of the original products are so bad and Jessie feels like she's an illegal reproduction even when she isn't.

Should I mention the overextension? The 16 episode (one hour each) episode format wrapped everything as it should. The Filipino version had 65 half hour episodes which most of them ended up with useless fillers. I tried giving it a watch but the plot moves SO SLOW and then it hardly moves forward. The 16 one hour episodes of Full House (though it ended up as 32 episode broadcast in the Philippines) get direct to the point as it should for a TV drama. The teleserye version is so dragging like you'd want to say, "What's the use of extending a show if all you do is derail the plot?"