Risa Hontivirus-Baraquel Is A Confidence Trickster

I remembered the time I wrote an article that if Nazi Germany had the Hitler Youth then the Philippines has the Aquino Youth (which I'll also dub as the PNoy Youth movement since it's not their official name) as a contemporary equivalent. Right now Mrs. Risa Hontivirus Baraquiel is really at it again. Maybe she was really an activist at six years old seeing how she could turn 13 year old children into activists to protest against the Duterte Administration. It's really crazy how she's also using underaged people to carry out her dirty work against the current administration. 

What should be funny is that she has a strong resemblance to Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki (right) who played as Fujiko Mine in the live Lupin III film. What similarities do the real life Risa and the fictitious Fujiko have in common? Fujiko is a professional criminal and a confidence trickster. How is Risa also a confidence trickster? Talk about how she's managed to fool everyone using her overpriced medical care program. She's a professional criminal as she's a mistress of legalized theft where she uses taxpayers' money and other people for her own personal agenda. She used the Philhealth funds for whatever agenda she would have to get whatever seat she wanted. That's somewhat similar to Fujiko's modus operandi in Lupin III.

What are your thoughts on this woman? 


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