PNoys Would Rather Live In Their Yellow Echo Chamber Than Accept Reality

Who remembers watching Palibhasa Lalake on ABiaS-CBN back in the 90s? As much as my memory is already blur but I can remember parts of Cynthia Patay's character to be extremely delusional and stupid. Unfortunately, the actress herself is even more delusional than the character she's asked to portray. Along with her are people like Agot Isidro, Leah Navarro and Jim Paredes who are celebrities who delude themselves as if PNoy Pride is the best thing to happen in the Philippines. They are pretty much a microcosm of the problem of PNoys who love to love in their yellow echo chamber. Before you react, take note that the Pinoy is just a synonym for the word Filipino while PNoy refers to any Filipino whose allegiance is towards the Empire of Aquino instead of the Philippines

Is it me or do PNoys really do no research at all? Take an example at Patay's claims over Davao City and see for yourself. While not everyone in Davao City likes the Duterte clan (like Amos Yee is a spoiled Singaporean who hates the Singaporean government) but here's some claims to blast her. Patay herself hasn't done research and is she living in a yellow space to ignore all the problems that the Philippines suffered no thanks to the 1987 Conjobstitution

PNoys still think that they're still in power when they are losing it. They think that they are the #SilentMajority but evidence is saying otherwise. Let's take an example of Leni Loud Robredo during the Independence Day celebration. You can see how many "happy faces" are given to Leni Loud. Is Leni Loud really doing her job as an incumbent? She's really just wasting her time instead of doing her job. It's more than time to also probe her SALN vs. her expensive trips to where did she get that money. 

Leah Navarro is accusing people of being point missing trolls but look who's talking. Has she ever considered that there's still a problem in Marawi? Which is more important: the Independence Day celebration or the Marawi Crisis no thanks to the Matae terrorists? I guess Leah thinks that celebration must be done even in times of crisis. If you saw the Heneral Luna movie you may compare her to Tomas Mascardo... a crazy soldier who left the battlefield to attend a town fiesta even when there's a war going on. 

How many PNoys believe this meme to be the truth? That picture of President Duterte sleeping below was taken way before the incident or even before the elections. He was in Marawi doing his job with the Matae terrorist crisis. He was there attending to the citizens because it's a severe crisis. Speaking of which I suggest that Paredes himself should go to Marawi and solve the problem by himself with all the useless comments he's making.

There is still "irrevocable proof" that Leila Dilemma is still "well-loved" by many Filipinos. You can see how "many" people are there to defend her. So where's her millions of voters? Either they don't exist (because they were generated by the PCOS Machine) or those voters who regretted why they even voted for her have turned against her and want her removed from power or a combination of both events. I guess people saw through her sham raid in Bilibid (because of selective justice being done in the process) or how people saw her inconsistencies during her failed sedition attempt

It should be mentioned that these PNoys may not realize it but they contradict themselves. I could remember the time I mentioned that Renato Reyes Jr. hates free trade but is seen drinking a Coke Float. If the PNoys love protectionism so much then they should endorse North Korea's Koryolink instead of South Korea's Samsung. Why is Digs Dimagiba a die-hard supporter of the Liberal Party (pictured with Jim Paredes on the left) supporting Samsung which comes from a country where free trade is practiced? Shouldn't Dimagiba and Paredes be holding Koryolink phones instead since free trade is "evil" then they should use products from countries that "benefit" from protectionism. Hmmm I wonder will Digs go to North Korea and ask his doppelganger Kim Jung Un for a partnership to form Koryolink Philippines? 


Even when their empire is crumbling many of them still want to remain as PNoys. After all, they're still thinking that the 1987 Constitution and EDSA People Power were the best things to happen in the Philippines even when evidence says otherwise. They still think that economic protectionism will lead them to the promised "pambansang industriya" even with all the negative effects such as high rate of unemploymentlow minimum wages and incompetence due to a lack of competition. Why do they still insist in the promise of the pambansang industriya? Do they still believe in the glorious invincible empire they believe that they have but in reality it's a crumbling one because of Filipinos who have awakened from their lies?