It's More Than Time To Trap Leila Dilemma And Her Supporters In Their Yellow Echo Chamber

It's no surprise that Leila Dilemma who's most likely a Hocus PCOS Senator or someone whose voters turned against her won't shut up. There's still people who believe that they are the #SilentMajority even when evidence suggests otherwise. I guess it's time to play Aguirre against Dilemma and her supporters instead of going in an all out offensive.

Just take a look at this picture as "proof" that Dilemma is still "well-loved". Just take a look at how many people are in the rally. They are just paid to do so. It's time to ask the question of where is the #SilentMajority? Engaging in these idiots in an argument isn't going to help because PNoys would rather live in their own echo chamber. What's the challenge to trapping Dilemma and her supporters in their echo chamber?

For Dilemma, let her rant all she wants and let the truth come out. Let the truth of President Duterte's real achievements come out as well as the evidence against her. It would probably be done for both Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. to present more evidence of corruption against her. If Dilemma should rant her stupidity then it's time to do the infamous ear covering act. That alone would get her irritated without engaging her in direct combat.

Here's a few ways that I could suggest that Dilemma's supporters would be trapped in their echo chamber. Be a "coward" and be "stupid" by blockomg their social media accounts instead of interacting with them or answering their challenge. The more people block them the better. Letting them comment but not letting them respond would expose them how stupid they really are. If possible, moderate or disable comments in your posts as not to give trolls power. Don't give them any attention so they will starve. Their objective is to irritate people so why even give them the pleasure of doing so? They can go ahead and rant all they want in their echo chamber while realists continue to battle for a better Philippines.