Feeling VP Leni Robredo's Dying Relevance Is Good For Filipino Politics

Leni Loud Robredo's dying relevance may be in its most critical stage. Come to think of it that none of her epal antics is getting her approval rating up. Her status as the new Epal Queen isn't doing her any good. It's unfortunate how she's shown what she really is - pretending to be Simpleni but she isn't. I guess people have seen all through antics and realizes that's she's not the #SimplengLeni we are led to believe. Instead, we see some ambitious person who's not after good governance but yellow governance.

Who can remember all the angry faces that Leni Loud got during the Independence Day parade? I don't think it would make a difference if she ever made a salute or not. All the angry faces must have come from a combination of people who regret voting for her and people who didn't vote for her including those who voted for Bongbong Marcos. 

Instead of helping President Rodrigo R. Duterte all she does is derail his efforts. She hasn't been of any help. Besides, isn't she the vice president with the longest streak of absences because of her expensive trips? It's more than time to face it that maybe she's in a lose-lose situation. There may be more evidence against her alleged illegitimacy as a vice president. Even if she wins the electoral protest she may still get fired for incompetence. Either way her irrelevance is good for Filipino politics because all she does is waste precious taxpayers' money. 


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