Feeling VP Leni Loud's Poor Time Management Skills Show That She's Not Ready To Lead The Philippines

I just heard of the news that Feeling VP Leni Loud Robredo just renewed her license yesterday but her birthday was on April 23, 2017. Shouldn't she have renewed it earlier instead of wasting her time vacationing instead of reporting for work? VP Leni Loud can be a microcosm of Filipinos who have the problem of procrastination and habitual tardiness.

What does it show that Leni Loud chose not to renew her license immediately before the deadline and renewed it way past her deadline? Did she think that just because she's installed as the vice-president (if ever the claim is even valid) that she's exempted from paying the fine? As an authority figure she should have showed everyone a good example by renewing her license before it expired. Instead, Leni Loud chose to renew it too late. This is really showing why many Filipinos can't even progress because they value habitual tardiness.

Leni Loud may have ignored the fact that time waits for nobody. I guess she thought time would wait for her while she was at New York partying with Non-Inquirer. Is she really ready to lead the country? The answer is no. If she can't even renew her license on time or be on time how can she lead the Philippines? This proves Manang Loida wrong when she said that Marbobo Roxas and Leni Loud are the best people to lead the country for 2016.


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