Don't Only Manual Recount Leni Loud VS. Bongbong, Manual Recount Also EVERY Candidate's Votes

With Leila Dilemma making headlines yet again because there's "irrevocable proof" that Filipinos still "love" her this is the time to call for scrutiny with the election results. It's all because electronic voting turns out not to be as secure as it claims. While I thought Dilemma's loss of support may be a result of voters turning against her it may also involve people who never voted for her in the first place. I thought what if some Liberal Party senators or ALL of them turn out to be installed by Hocus PCOS. What if Dilemma never won in the first place? 

Try checking this video out. This may substantiate those people who are more qualified than I am to prove that there was indeed cheating involved. I guess they couldn't contest President Duterte's popularity so they decided to flip the results between Feeling VP Leni Loud Robredo and Bongbong Marcos. Other Liberal Party candidates got voted by electoral fraud. The Liberal Party can go ahead and claim that they're fighting for democracy and decency but electoral sabotage is a serious violation of voter's rights. This would mean it's time to question the validity of several senators in power starting with Dilemma.

For the turn of events against Dilemma the scenario could be a combination of voters who made a heel face turn AND that she cheated. So let's think what if some of those who voted for her saw through her mess without realizing she never won in the first place? What if all the angry faces were also from her voters. What if the 13,793,947 votes were a combination of fake votes and angry voters? If that's so then Dilemma along with other Liberal Party Senators can be charged with electoral fraud. If Feeling VP Leni won why does she keep blocking any move for Bongbong's electoral protest? If she really won she should just allow the COMELEC to prove she won. But instead, her actions prove that a lot of cheating happened last 2016 election.

Hmmm... I wonder will Marbobo Roxas end up filing an electoral protest against President Duterte?