Who Is "Simpleng Leni Loud" Trying To Kid?

I didn't want to believe that Leni Loud Robredo is just an Assuming Vice President instead of the real vice president. It didn't look believable at first because if the PCOS wanted to cheat then why wasn't Marbobo Roxas made the new president? I thought of her as non-ambitious and "simple lang". I didn't even want to believe she was part of this destabilization scheme. But the evidence later is proving that Leni Loud isn't exactly all that "simple" as she claims to be. Also, I remembered how Get Real Philippines wrote about how Leni Loud was pulling political stunts during the election campaign. So if Marbobo loses then she can be the next effective puppet.

Simple and not extravagant? Instead of being at the Malacanang, why is Leni Loud attending an expensive party in Los Angeles? Also, during the election campaign why is she always bringing her really expensive Louie Vitton bag? The whole point of her trying to convince everyone that she's "simple lang" isn't working. It's pretty much like how she's already surpassed Marbobo in the area of being the most epal politician. While there's nothing wrong with her painting walls but I think she's just painting for publicity. I wonder would she let everyone take her picture if she was doing some paint jobs herself? But it looks like that they were just pictorials and not real paint jobs. Painting is a pretty messy job and she looks too clean to be doing a paint job. 

One good picture that shows how her simplicity is fake is here. One could tell the difference with how she reacts to her "blending in" with the people. Unlike her husband Jesse Robredo, her simplicity is fake. One can see her facial expression here somewhat shows disgust. This is a very far fetch from Jesse and President Duterte in blending in. 

It can't be denied anymore with how Leni Loud does deserve her award as "Miss Useless". She's a huge waste of taxpayers' money. Besides, let the recount begin. Then again, even if she won the Vice Presidency bid she can still be impeached. Either way, she should be in a lose-lose situation.