The Liberal Party Hasn't Been Helpful In The Whole Fight Against Drugs And Terrorism

Just reading one news after the other makes me wonder where's the priorities of the Liberal Party. It's time to do some reviews on what the Yellowtards have been doing during the crisis. We have Jim Paredes showing that he's such a martial law crybaby and Leah Navarro not seeing the whole context. The terrorist attack happened during an IMPORTANT VISIT by President Rodrigo R. Duterte to Russia which he quickly came bakc. Navarro should have asked where in the world was Fake Vice President Leni Loud Robredo during the crisis? Leni Loud did show up but maybe only for another photoshoot.

The Liberal Party is nothing more than an infestation of yellow crabs even before the Matae Crisis in Marawi. It just reminded me of how Loida Nicolas-Lewis talked like as if she owned the Philippines when she demanded that President Duterte should already resign so Leni Loud can be president. Instead of helping out the situation to prevent the martial law from getting abused - they ended up paying people to become their co-martial law crybabies. How stupid can it be that the martial law was in MINDANAO yet the whiners are all from LUZON? Then you have others like Crappler, ABiaS-CBN, Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer busy fighting against President Duterte rather than help fight against the Matae situation. When the Matae patriarch got caught in Davao now they even decide to make a mockery out of it. Shouldn't they be thankful that the Matae patriarch got caught in Davao before he could enter any places outside Davao? 

I don't think that Dinuktor Agnes Callamard just came to the Philippines out of random. Remember that Lewis has allies and it's possible that Callamard herself is one of them. It's no surprise that we have supporters of Callamard who are from the Dilawan crowd. Callamard also showed up during the celebration of the 30th years of the useless Commission on Human Rights organization. People like Callamard help foster a culture of impunity everywhere around the world. I had second thoughts on declaring persona non-grata on her because she should have a vacation in Tondo, Manila to prove that shabu doesn't induce violence.  

This also brings back to mind Leila Dilemma. While she's right in saying extrajudicial killings can be abused but she's already been linked with acts of treason, sedition and selective justice. It's easy to tell me I'm just jealous of her because she caught drug lords and so on. But it's highly possible that she's only able to arrest certain drug lords because those she coddled told her where to catch them. Also, she said she's cleaned up Bilibid but the raid during the Duterte Administration showed just how she lied between her teeth. Not to mention, GRP Shorts also revealed some startling statistics that could show why a lot of her voters turned against her. It's not surprising that people who call for her release are also supporting Dinuktor Callamard. 

Also, has Risa Hontivirus-Baraquiel lost her mind in saying that Marawi siege is not an invasion or rebellion assuming she really said it? I'm wondering what in the world is she thinking if she ever said it? If anything she's an insult to the intelligence of every educated Filipino. She even dares to say that she was an activist during martial law and she was freaking six years old. What is she... some kind of super genius? Does she even know what invasion means? What the Matae terrorists did was an act of invasion and rebellion. Is she trying to cover up for them like how CHR covers up for criminals? She fails in what Lee Kwan Yew said that the rights of law abiding citizens must come first. 


This is also a time to draw a line between healthy opposition and what LP is doing. Healthy opposition would be like how certain senators who opposed martial law aren't exactly against it in total but only concerned about its abuse. On the other hand, what LP has been doing is just trying to selfishly grab power one way or another. They don't want any fair game and when they're defeated the cry foul and unfair. They will even say that democracy is dead when their power slips away hoping to game sympathy. Maybe, just maybe they're also involved in acts of terrorism as well aside from coddling selected drug syndicates.