Stay Wary: The Dilawan's Desperate Demolition Job Against President Duterte Is Still Ongoing

It's been a year already since President Rodrigo R. Duterte took office and the Yellowtards aren't happy about it. Instead of putting their differences aside to make a better Philippines they choose not to in the name of greed. Come to think about it the Liberal Party claims to fight for democracy but they're only serving their personal interests. They're not even a healthy opposition as they claim to be. It's been one year and they want to discredit all the president has achieved in just one year.

It's been a year or so of trolling with organizations and pages like Change Scamming, Silent No More PH, Madame Claudia, Oras Na Roxas Na, One For Leila and Leni Is My VP to name a few of these anti-Duterte pages. You have a lot of PNoy pridist entertainers like Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patay (who wanted to boycott Yellow Cab Pizza for supporting President Duterte), Leah Navarro and Agot Isidro who spread their Yellow Propaganda. You have idiots and human rights activists like CHR Chairman Cheato Gascon, Ettal Rosales, CBCP President Socrates Villegas and Renato Reyes Jr. who have nothing to do but to troll others. You still have Leila Dilemma who may be found guilty of selective justice. She continues to attack the president but look who's talking. They keep attacking President Duterte but they fail to address Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo's inexcusable absences. 

When is fake news, fake news for the Dilawan or for anyone who spreads it? Only when it disagrees with them. While I don't deny some Dutertards are indeed spreading fake news (and they should receive appropriate punishments) that there are Noytards who do the same. Just because ABiaS-CBN, Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer and Crappler are all mainstream media doesn't mean that nobodies like myself have no right to question the facts. I'm no political analyst but I already figured out one thing that other Filipinos may have figured out: the biased Yellow media only sides with the Dilawan. ABiaS-CBN, Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer and Crappler may have tried to make Paredes appear like he was a hero and a victim during the EDSA celebration when in fact he was playing the tyrant.

It's not going to be an easy battle. President Duterte is already in his early 70s and I'm thinking about succession issues. It would be best to do the recount of the ballots for Bongbong Marcos' electoral protest against Assuming VP Leni Loud.


  1. If BBM wins the protest, he would be VP and then President to bring back 1973 constitution for ultraconservative authoritarianism without parliament but with unicameral legislature.


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