Senator Antonio Trillanes' Position As Senator Proves Philippine Politics Is Riddled With Impunity

Did you bother to watch the comedy that is the interview between Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Stephen Sackur? I couldn't help but laugh when Trillanes not only gave fabricated figures but also when Sackur raised up the issue of him raising a coup. Trillanes tried to justify the coup he did and I love how the issue of the FAILURE of the two coups. 

The song "Dumb Ways to Vote" comes to mind and boy is Trillanes also mentioned in that song! The song also mentions that one of the dumb ways to vote is to vote for a coup plotter. He's got a serious criminal record and that alone should be room to disqualify him from running into politics. Let's just face it that it's not just him but also other officials who should have been disallowed from running for office.

This reminds me why hasn't Marbobo Roxas not been disqualified from even running the presidency when he has a really huge scandal in his hands. He had the audacity to lie that he was the "super hero" of Typhoon Yolanda when he wasn't. Even if he lost but shouldn't he been barred from running? Instead, Noynoy Aquino anoints him as successor. Marbobo (together with former DSWD Secretary Stinky Soliman) should have been sacked like the late Zheng Xiaoyu in China last 2008. This is the issue to why the Liberal Party has ruled the Philippines for 30 years. It's all because the Cory Constitution is a dysfunctional democracy

Here's a big question: Will you keep letting the incompetent system run its course waiting for Filipinos to become competent first? If that's your logic then you're dead wrong. Getting rid of the defective 1987 Constitution should come first. If there's no competitive mindset, if there's no competition then how do you expect to have more competency from Filipinos? Unless a competent system is set then more idiots like Trillanes will keep occupying the land. It's all about system change before culture change. Get it?