Political Dynasties Wouldn't Be An Issue When Competency Succeeds Competency

I remembered all the criticisms I hear about the Dutertes and the Marcoses as part of a political dynasty. For starters, here's a definition of the word dynasty and don't tell me the Aquinos and Cojuangcos haven't formed a political dynasty by these definitions:

1. A succession of rulers from the same family or line.
2. A family or group that maintains power for several generations: a political dynasty controlling the state.

So why should I believe the Yellowtards that the Aquinos aren't a political dynasty. You have a succession of rulers. While Noynoy Aquino didn't immediately succeed his late mother Cory Cojuangco-Aquino but you can't deny that it was a dynasty. When Bum Aquino became a senator it was when his cousin Noynoy was president. So why are the Yellowtards fuming about the Dutertes and Marcoses if they too have a political dynasty?

The reason why this line of succession is bad is not because it's a political dynasty. It's bad because of the problem of  incompetency succeeding incompetency. Cory had zero political experience compared to the late Ninoy Aquino. Noynoy is nowhere as intelligent as his father. The problem can arise when Noynoy dies that maybe, just maybe Joshua Aquino Salvador  may become president someday. It's all because of being an Aquino that gets an Aquino into power. If not Joshua maybe his mother Kris Aquino may become president someday. I mean why vote for Cory and Noynoy based on Ninoy? If they were competent then it wouldn't be a problem but they're all incompetent. The same goes for the Binay clan with how thievery succeeds thievery in Makati. The Binays are not good for politics not because they're a dynasty but because they're a thievery dynasty. 

I used to be against political dynasties until I saw the achievements of Bongbong compared to Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo. While President Rodrigo R. Duterte has one wayward son Sebastian but his other two children Paolo Duterte and Sara Duterte-Carpio are showing their competency in politics. It's not a problem for Lee Hsien Loong to become a prime minister and his father the late Lee Kwan Yew is a prime minister. He may not be his father, he may not be as great as his father but at least he's qualified. Bongbong may not be as great as Marcos Sr. but at least he's competent to be in office. Just look at how his hometown is doing well thanks to him. The same can go that Paolo succeeding his father President Duterte is not a problem if he's competent in one way or another. Sebastian won't get his position just because he's a Duterte. 

So why should we reject one if they belong to a political dynasty if they're competent? Why should we judge children by their parents? In a competency-based system a political dynasty is only formed when competency succeeds competency. It would be better to have a political dynasty built on competency (though this is a rare occurrence) than someone who doesn't come from a political dynasty with no brain whatsoever. It's not about political dynasties but whether or not these political dynasties were formed as a result of incompetency-popularity-based systems

Still think political dynasties are necessarily good or bad?