Leah Navarro Should Ask Herself If This Year's June 12 Celebration Is More Important Than The Ongoing Marawi Crisis

Leah Navarro should really HEAR. HERSELF. TALK. I remembered her Tweet on "Nasaan ang pangulo" when she should be asking, "Nasaan si VP Leni Robredo?" So why did President Rodrigo R. Duterte skip the June 12 celebration? Which is more important for this POINT MISSING TROLL (and look who's talking) today's flag raising or the Marawi Crisis?

He was at Marawi greeting the Fallen 58. This is a different scenario from what happened during SAF-44 with Alan Purisima. The SAF-44 were assigned to catch the international terrorist known as Zulfilki Abhir otherwise known as Marwan. The death of the 44 SAF soldiers could have been prevented only if Purisima didn't intervene. The case of Marwan is just one individual threat and Purisima and company wasted an entire army of 44 people who should have been used as back-up for one person's arrest. As the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago would say it that SAF-44 would have lived if Purisima didn't intervene. Who placed Purisima into the battlefield but Noynoy Aquino himself? The Fallen 58 was required to get rid of the whole group ran by the Matae terrorists in Marawi. Casualties in war are unavoidable when you're dealing with a huge group like the Matae gang. Having a casualty like this is to be expected because it's a whole gang you're going against! President Duterte was there to honor the Fallen 58.

President Duterte has EVERY RIGHT to be absent in today's rituals because of the huge emergency situation in Mindanao. It would make sense for him to be there instead of the June 12 celebrations. What does she want to happen? Did she want Marbobo Roxas to be president instead? If that's so then she's wishing for the end of Marawi with or without knowing it. Maybe, Marbobo would probably just tell the people of Marawi his now famous line, "BAHALA NA KAYO SA BUHAY NIYO!" He might even send idiots like Kris Aquino, Cheato Gascon or Jim Paredes to negotiate with the Matae terrorists which may only make the situation worse.

Speaking of which, Navarro's stupidity suggests that maybe it's okay to neglect your work if there's a huge celebration going on. It's just like choosing to attend your friend's birthday party when you have a relative who's in critical condition or still choosing to have a barrio fiesta while there's a nationwide war going on. Doesn't that remind anyone of Tomas Mascardo who chose to leave the battlefield to attend a barrio fiesta? It just shows that she's gotten all her priorities wrong.