It's More Than Time To Probe Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo's Expensive Trips

It's more than time to check Leni Loud Robredo's trips. As much as PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa needed to be probed for his Las Vegas trip with Senator Manny Pacquiao but there would be no partiality. That's why I feel the whole pork barrel trial was partly a scam, partly a fight against the pork barrel because politicians who were from the Liberal Party were not convicted by Senator Leila De Lima. Also, Senator De Lima's Bilibid raid also showed partial justice. Now it's more than time to address Leni Loud's trips.

Let's talk about the office of the vice president assuming Leni Loud hasn't even cheated (that's why the recount is very important). If the president is out of town then shouldn't she stay put and do whatever duties she's supposed to do. Instead, she has wasted that could be taxpayer's money in her nonsense travels. While President Duterte was in Russia for a state visit but what was she doing? It's also said she went to Los Angeles not only for a social gathering with Philippine Non-Inquierer et all but also to meet Manang Loida Lewis. It's highly possible more destabilization plot by the Liberal Party.

What shouldn't be too surprising is all the "love" Leni Loud received during the June 12 celebration. Okay, I just thought maybe she didn't make a mistake in saluting. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was also saluting together with her. She took over the rites but is this the only duty she's going to fulfill? If President Duterte is in Marawi to do his job then shouldn't she be at the Malacanang to do hers? Instead, she's already misusing and abusing her assumed position. Is she trying to savor her power because there may be evidence that proves she's been cheating?

It's time to demand transparency from the office of the vice president as well as every other office. They need to disclose all of Leni Loud's expenses from one place to another. The people have the right to know now. Yes, she has the right to due process but the investigation must start now. There should be no partiality as everyone from PDP-Laban down to every party needs a lifestyle check. But I guess Leni Loud's need the most lifestyle checking right now.