Don't Tell Me That The Aquinos Aren't An INCOMPETENT Political Dynasty

It's really stupid how the Dilawans claim that they're against political dynasties for this reason: the Aquinos they love so much are part of a political dynasty. I remembered all the criticisms that hit the late Miriam Defensor Santiago for choosing Bongbong Marcos for her running mate in the presidential race. I don't think the Marcoses are so clean but don't tell me the Aquinos are clean and haven't done anything wrong.

Let's consider the damage done by the Liberal Party. The downfall of the Marcos Years made the Philippines worse because of the 1987 Constitution. The whole new Aquino constitution only worsened problems that existed during the Marcos Years. Cronyism was further strengthened through economic protectionism. Economic protectionism didn't deliver the "pambansang industriya" that it promised. Instead, it created the rise of the PNoy Life Cycle where Filipinos tend to remain poor and uto uto of a democracy. They are made to believe that democracy is only possible through the Aquino Empire which is but a lie.

The Aquino Political Dynasty (toether with their friends) exists because of a popularity-based system. Why do you think the late Cory Aquino got into power in the first place even when she has zero political experience? It's because of her image as the grieving widow. Leni Loud Robredo hasn't done anything much yet to prove herself yet she ran for vice president. Noynoy Aquino only got into power because of his mother's death, his late father's popularity and because he's an Aquino. His cousin Bum Aquino got into power only because he is an Aquino. Then Aquino and their associates get into power because they're Aquinos. Isn't it no different than the Marcoses popping like popcorn in politics?

I could even remember why I wrote stuff like Kris Aquino may become president someday because of a popularity-based system. Just thinking that she may run for governor (hopefully not) or even senator. I hope that my joke that Loida Nicolas-Lewis saying that Kris would be the best bet for 2022 will remain a joke. Otherwise, just think of how another six years of incompetence could destroy the Philippines. That is because just thinking of Kris becoming president might be goodbye Philippines and good riddance. I guess Kris herself may even play Leni Loud's plastikan card just to get attention in her presidential campaign.

So really, why get mad at political dynasties if you support the Aquinos as well as their associates? Shouldn't you be more focused on establishing a competency-based system that will greatly reduce the chances of incompetent political dynasties?