Leni Loud Robredo Is The New Epal Queen

This picture of Leni Loud Robredo painting a wall reminds me of her running mate Marbobo Roxas' state as a Transformar. This raises the question of hasn't she learned that no matter what antics Marbobo did that it never got him the presidency? While I find nothing wrong with people of power or entrepreneurs doing menial tasks in their spare time or as a form of workout but I think she's just being epal isn't she? I guess she's doing everything she can to protect her approval ratings which aren't getting any better due to her poor performance. 

The previous queen of epals is Kris Aquino. Do you remember how often her spotlights are a distraction from stuff that matter? Considering that Kris doesn't have a new timeslot then we have Leni Loud taking that position. The thought of Leni having a talk show when she's the currently assumed vice-president may be strong proof that she's the new epal queen. Shouldn't she be focusing on her work instead of her photoshoots at Esquire, her public image or anything to get attention. I guess she's having a new photoshoot called "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" hoping that people will still want her as vice president. 

It's time for her to face the facts. Let's assume she really won the vice presidency and the manual recount says she won and not Bongbong. But even if she's legitimately in power (which is now even more questionable than ever) it won't change her decline in public trust ratings. If she did her job well as housing czar then I don't think her public approval ratings will go down. Only if she decided to be a constructive opposition to President Rodrigo R. Duterte then maybe her public trust ratings wouldn't go down. Everything stupid she did just caused her to lose her public trust ratings. I guess even people who voted for her backed away from her. Who knows maybe even people who voted for her will now want her impeached? 

Besides, the achievements of Bongbong exceed that of Leni Loud. Bongbong may not be as intelligent as his late father but he's been a competent politician for several years. Maybe some people who don't want any more Aquinos in power also fear a Marcos' return to power (the never again to Aquino and Marcos groups) but they should consider how the Marcoses fare in politics. Given the choice between Bongbong and Leni Loud the choice is clear. Leni Loud is just an epal princess who has graduated to the level of epal queen. Bongbong may be mahangin but he's got lots of substance to back it up compared to somebody who was endorsed in the name of necropolitics


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