It Would Probably Be The End Of Marawi If Marbobo Roxas Were President

It's a problem how the Dilawan crowd are doing what they're doing. Martial law got declared for Mindanao yet the protesters are all from Manila. Let's imagine on what if Marbobo Roxas won for president. Let's think of how he carried things out during the time when Noynoy Aquino were still president to determine what he could have done with the current Matae terrorist attack in Marawi. 

Do you remember the Yolanda disaster? It's stupid to even let him run for president when he and Stinky Soliman were guilty of crimes that demand they either be put behind bars for life or death row. How he handled Yolanda is best summarized under the name "Palpakman". He decided to politicize the Yolanda disaster. The expired relief goods is something that they should answer for. Why weren't the relief goods released as soon as possible? It could have helped alleviate the situation of the typhoon victims. Instead, their massive neglect and corruption caused a huge amount of suffering no thanks to them.

If he were president then it would probably be the usual, "Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo!" to the people of Marawi. It's been several years since the 1987 Constitution and arrogant Tagalistas have been racist towards their fellow Filipinos who aren't Tagalogs. Is the word Pinoy just applicable to Tagalogs or is it for everyone in the Philippines? Filipino or Pinoy refers to all who hold a Filipino nationality. A Tsinoy is a Pinoy with Chinese ancestry. I guess Marbobo would also have that feeling. He may also tell the people of Marawi, "I'm a Tagalog and you are not." It may result to him not sending any military intervention to stop the Matae terrorist attacks. 

It's a shame to think how Marbobo was once doing well in the past. Let's think that he was once an awardee of the Lee Kwan Yew fellow. He once advocated constitutional reform during the presidency of Joseph Ejercito-Estrada. It should be a shame how spending time at the Liberal Party made his situation similar to that of the story of the Scholars and the Lion


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