Five Good Reasons Why President Rodrigo R. Duterte Should Be Impeached From His Office

Yes you are right. There's no doubt that President Duterte sucks and I regret that I even supported him. He's going to suck and he's going to be the worst president ever. I was wrong. We don't need Constitutional Reform. We should stick to the Yellow Constitution. Now here's five reasons why President Duterte sucks and we should impeach him and make Vice President Leni Robredo the new president in his place.

1.) He's not a multitasking transformer like Mar Roxas

Filipinos should regret why they didn't vote for Mar as president. Mar could have been the the president who can become anything you want. Have you seen President Duterte become Boy Senator, Boy Congressman, Boy Mayor, Boy whatsoever and even manage the traffic? No. In fact, because he's not a Transformer like Mar that's why the Philippines is in trouble. Plus, did he become a superhero like Mar during times of disaster? Because Mar didn't win now everyone has to work because he won't do all the work for you. See how much we've lost by having Duterte as president. 

2.) He appointed Judy Taguiwalo who is defective compared to Dinky Soliman

The DSWD was in better hands with Dinky Soliman. Judy Taguiwalo isn't doing her job. She's doing a lousy job and all she gave are rotten goods. Soliman gave the best relief goods and it was speedy. Taguiwalo gave no effective relief goods. Remember that Soliman received a lot of relief donations while Taguiwalo had none.

3.) He will cause the Philippines to be ruled by foreigners because he chooses not to pursue "Pambansang Industriya" 

How wrong I was to think that the Philippines needs foreign investors. Foreign investors are foreign invaders. Foreigners now control our neighboring Asian countries. Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore are all owned by foreigners and their citizens lost their sovereignty. They are poor and have high unemployment rates. North Korea and Venezuela are first world countries thanks to economic protectionism. The Philippine has become a first world country and has been one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the pambansang industriya program. Now Duterte's plan to open up the economy will reduce the Philippines into a third world country. Should I mention that by planning to open up the economy that Maxine Medina lost and it was under Noynoy that Pia Wurtzbach won?

4.) His appointment of Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. and PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa is a serious mistake because Leila De Lima and Alan LM Purisima maintained justice and security for the nation

The imprisonment of Leila De Lima is an act of political oppression. She's a political prisoner. She's cleaned Bilibid and the raid was just a set-up. All Justice Secretary Aguirre and PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa did was pull an overnight miracle that made the Bilibid a five star hotel as testified by Edgar Matobato and other Bilibid inmates. None of these luxuries happened under De Lima's watch. They all did it to put her to jail because she's a protector of justice. Don't forget how Justice Secretary Aguirre covered his ears when the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago berated the prosecution. Also, Alan LM Purisima has been the best PNP Chief ever. Noynoy has already finished the SAF-44 case and justice was given to the families. 

5.) He couldn't make miracles like a lugawan that can earn billions in such a short amount of time like Vice President Leni Robredo or resurrect people the dead like St. Antonio Trillanes IV

Make no mistake President Duterte can't match the miracles of VP Leni Robredo and Antonio Trillanes IV. Who else brought a dead person back to life to testify at the Senate? Whose lugaw made billions of pesos in just a short amount of time? President Duterte did none of that proving he's defective. Also St. Trillanes was able to resurrect a lot of dead people to testify against President Duterte. It will only be a matter of time before we get rid of this lousy president. 

Happy April Fool's Day! Gotcha!