The Presidential System Gives No Other Alternatives In Case Something Happens To The Head Of Government

Noynoy Aquino may no longer be president now but I can't get over the severe mistype that made it look like he got beheaded in Saudi Arabia. While it was just a mistype but I'd like to assume what if it wasn't. Let's assume that Noynoy went to Saudi, committed murder, was tried and eventually got beheaded for the act of murder. This leaves us with only one alternative. The "late" Noynoy after his headless corpse is returned, as soon as his body gets buried at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani in accordance to the law. It would mean that his death would have no choice but to give the presidency to none other than Vice President Jejomar Binay. Then maybe, we'll have a presidential campaign that will use the "late" Noynoy as their campaign to get either Bum or Kris to be their next presidential candidate.

The situation of Joseph "Erap" Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is one example of the defect of the presidential system. Do you remember the time Erap got ousted by EDSA II and he had the dignity to step down? A vote of no confidence could have given alternatives for succession. Would have a vote of no confidence be given then Gloria would have not become head of government after Erap. Then that gave Gloria instant power even if there are still other better candidates in the Senate who could have replaced Erap would have he been thrown out by a vote of no confidence. Instead, the presidential system gave the Filipinos no other choice but to accept Gloria.

Let's go back to Noynoy and Binay. Let's assume that the Senate decided to file impeachment complaints against Noynoy for the SAF-44 case, his refusal to apologize to Hong Kong for the Manila Hostage Crisis, MRT deterioration or the Yolanda typhoon fiasco. Now let's assume that the outcome was that Noynoy was kicked out of office. Going all the way from Noynoy to Binay is like jumping from the frying pan (Noynoy) to the fire (Binay). Neither Noynoy nor Binay are honest and both have a lot to answer for. But Noynoy may be the lesser of two evils but you can't deny that whether it's Noynoy or Binay the whole nation is doomed. Both are more interested with their parties' or their families' well-being than that of the Philippines. So you just jumped from Yaujta to a Xenomorph or vice versa. Either way you're screwed up and done for.

But let's say what if Noynoy were Prime Minister instead of President and Binay were Deputy Prime Minister instead of president. Now let's say that Noynoy got voted out by a vote of no confidence by the Senate. This would give us alternatives from the Senate. We could have nominated Grace Poe Llamanzaes, Richard Gordon, Jose De Venecia or anybody as Noynoy's possible replacement. This wouldn't mean that when Noynoy is out that Binay is in. Instead, Noynoy's ouster from office declares a vote for a new head of government. Binay wouldn't be guaranteed his seat. Maybe, just maybe Richard Gordon or Alan Peter Cayetano could have replaced Noynoy as head of government in a parliamentary system.

It's time to think also of this benefit of the parliamentary. Six years isn't enough to implement reforms to make the Philippines a stronger nation. Do you think President Rodrigo R. Duterte could change the Philippines in six years? That's just impossible considering that six years is too short a time. A second term for any competent presidents or a competent prime minister's extended term would have been better. The incompetent have lesser chances to extend their term and the competent have more chances to extend their term. Just think what if Gordon or Cayetano became prime minister after Noynoy got voted out of a vote of no confidence.