Political Victory Thanks To Hocus PCOS

Here's a video I found about voting machines. This is a situation from a first world country like United States. Considering that the Philippines has been America's lapdog for years in what's best called a parasitic relationship (since it's seeking to rely too much on America rather than develop its defenses against potential invaders like China) then it's highly possible that the whole electronic voting process was also copied from the United States.

It's time to talk about the Precint Count Optical Scanner or PCOS Machines which are from Smartmatic. Maybe it's time to rename Smartmatic to DUMBmatic which is currently headed by Antonio Mugica from VENEZUELA. Yes, that "wonderful paradise" that managed to show us why the Philippines should never engage in economic liberalization and why protectionism "works". While I don't claim to know how this works but I would like to share what could possibly lead to more transparency in the Philippines.

Here's a video by Atty. Glenn Chong who will be able to explain what I couldn't explain. This video had me shocked with how I once thought the Aquino Party were clean and honest. I regret having thought that Noynoy Aquino was the best president ever. It wasn't until late 2013 or 2014 that I realized what kind of person he was. PCOS machines were rigged and tampered. No security features to avoid them from being hacked. No real transparency. Worse, why are they taking machines from a Venezuelan company? Do these PCOS lovers want to turn the Philippines into the Venezuela of Asia? Please watch the video first before you continue reading my post. 

If you're done watching the video, you could also think the problem is no longer limited to Filipinos who love to vote for stupid people but also to easily hacked PCOS machines. Because they don't demand a certain degree of transparency when it comes to votes then it's so easy for the PCOS to be hacked and the real results to be hidden. Maybe it's time to rename the PCOS as Precinct Conning Optical Sabotage because that's what's happening. They choose super fast counting instead of using security features to make sure that the electronic counts are accurate. If that's the case then it's no longer democracy but PCOScracy. No, the idea of PCOScracy must be scrapped and no politician regardless of family tree should be allowed to use it. The end of Aquinocracy doesn't necessarily mean the end of PCOScracy.

Maybe, just maybe I'm wrong to think that Leila Dilemma and Leni Robredo their positions won fair and square. Maybe, just maybe Dilemma never had that much votes based on manual counting because any rally for her release has been infested with flies. So why is Leni the Lugaw Queen nervous about the manual recount and investigation with COMELEC? Maybe it's time to manual count all the Senators too so fake winners can be removed and real winners will be installed. Then we can also charge Dilemma and Robredo with cases of electoral fraud. This may also need an extradition treaty to arrest Loida Nicolas Lewis for inciting sedition in the Philippines. Leni can go back to the kitchen and cook lugaw because that's all she's good at or cook lugaw at Muntinlupa as her new job.