Internet TV Is A Threat To The Philippine Oligarchy

Although I'm NOT an Information Technology expert but I could at least share my views on what could be going on with the Philippine Internet companies. It's been some time since I posted about Internet that only certain privileged could get. It's no secret that the Philippines has the slowest Internet in the ASEAN. Granted, the Philippines is an archipelago then how in the world can TWO Internet Service Providers give efficient service to a nation of 7,107 islands?

I don't really care too much about TV anymore. Saturday morning cartoons phenomenon had died. There's Cable TV and now there's Internet TV. So what's the use of having Saturday morning cartoons if you can watch it at a later pace? Maybe gone are the days when Saturday morning study is dreaded because parents can now make their children watch their cartoons later. Just thinking about the Internet as a possible replacement to terrestrial broadcast and Cable TV means... DUN DUN DUN the oligarchs are again in competition. Remember, these guys HATE the notion of competition.

Every Filipino who's out of the telebasura craze may end up unleashing some "secret genius" or "secret resourcefulness" to get quality TV programs. Some Filipinos may have figured out that Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas and Korean dramas have more to offer them than telebasuras. So in the name of "nationalism" the companies want to destroy competition in every unethical way possible. One of the biggest competitions are fan subs. One good reason why I didn't watch Kamen Rider OOO aired on GMA-7 (and I don't care even if they'll even air Super Sentai) is because of the super horrible dubbing. I can't even forget how those afternoons I watched Tokusatsu dubbed end up as a nightmare when I've watched more fan subs. So the Internet is indeed a competition against the oligarch networks isn't it?

If more Filipinos get more access to faster, better Internet at an affordable price then more Filipinos will watch high quality programs that defeat their stupid local shows. Right now it's a pain that some can't access certain shows from other countries. If they can't get their full control through their crappy Cable TV networks (where you have to pay more for additional channels as a form of protectionism) then the Internet should also be under their control. The slower the Internet the more Filipinos may be forced to watch all the B.S. shows from ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7. If there are any imported shows then they are either show super late at night (and giving a better timeslot for telebasuras) and/or they are given super bad dubbing that'll hurt your ears. As if getting hurt by the bad acting of Filipino made telebasuras aren't enough. Watching those Korean dubs still hurts as much as the OA acting in telebasuras.

That's why I'm glad that more Filipinos are getting educated about the power of economic liberalization. It's time to stop listening to economically ignorant people like members of Makabobo (such as Neri Colmenares) or the Liberal Party who just wants to insist in the 1987 Constitution's protectionist policy. It's time to put aside every economic policy that made the Philippines even worse after the Marcos Years. It's only made more Filipinos jobless in their own country and to suffer under the oligarchy as well as the Empire of Manila.

Remember, never again to a lousy constitution. Yes to economic reforms.


  1. Again Philippines is the last on the list and Laos and Cambodia has fast internet than Philippines.

    1. That's why the oligarchy doesn't want to open up the economy. If Internet TV gets more and more accessible then think of how many Filipinos will find better shows to watch than what ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7 have to offer.


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