Will PNoy Pridists Demand Noynoy's Burial In Libingan Ng Mga Bayani When He Inevitably Dies?

In the light of the reality that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was buried today at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (which that place also has buried some scumbags so I don't mind now), one may want to think of the inevitable time for Noynoy to die comes. Let's just say Noynoy got beheaded in Saudi Arabia for murder as a cause of his death as the picture above this paragraph shows. With all the protests done by the Aquinotards as well as martial law crybabies it's easy for me to imagine that soon they'll demand a heroes burial for Noynoy who is NO HERO to the Philippines.

For the Aquinotard, as long as it's an Aquino then surely that person must be good. They think that the Philippines progressed better after the martial law years. It's really something to think that until now, there's no real action to prove or disprove the alleged Marcos wealth or even recover it assuming it even exists. When Noynoy became president, he still refused to open up the economy and said that there's nothing wrong with economic protectionism. If he wanted to make the Philippines more progressive the least he could have done was to get rid of 60/40. While there was some money coming in but it was from the OFW program. Instead of providing more jobs in the Philippines he just focused on helping find jobs outside of it. Again, are those the marks of a hero?

When I think about it, I guess it's best to actually bury Noynoy in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani when he inevitably dies. Some corrupt people got buried there anyway like Elpidio Quirino, Carlos P. Garcia (whose Filipino first policy caused the country to fail) and Diosdado Macapagal (who was also known to be very corrupt) even if they weren't heroes. Of course, let Marcos Sr.'s body stay there and it may be time to actually bury Noynoy there when the time comes. He can be "put to rest" near Marcos Sr. for all I care.

What do you think?