Strict Disciplinary Measures Will NOT Destroy One's Pinoy Identity

It's always an issue whenever you have Pinoys that love to use their being Pinoy to justify their blunder. Scold them for being late and they might tell you that being late is part of being Pinoy. Ask them to turn the volume down and they'll say it's part of being Pinoy. Almost everything unfairly generalized among Pinoys gets upheld and celebrated by stupid Pinoys. Worse, they say that such practices are part of their being Pinoy and that if they stopped doing them then they may lose their "Pinoy identity" and "Pinoy culture" in the process. You may also attribute this to the culture of indifference

Such statements are pure B.S. by several levels. Pinoys are born to be Pinoy. It's their genetic birthright or at least their national birthright. If you're born in the Philippines, grown in the Philippines and a citizen of the Philippines then you may consider yourself a Pinoy or Filipino. You can't change the fact you're born Filipino or you're born of Pinoy descent. Don't hate yourself for being Filipino or Pinoy but hate the Pinoys that make the Philippines look bad.

I don't see any reason why disciplinary measures will destroy the Pinoy identity. Discipline is not just for foreigners nor is it exclusive to any nationality. Instead, discipline is a universal concept all nationalities must learn and Filipinos are not exempted from that rule. A Pinoy who loves discipline, hates the stupidity common among Filipinos and follows simple guidelines has not lost his or her being Pinoy. Such Pinoys who reject ignorance, disrespect and stupidity have enhanced the Pinoy identity. It slowly but surely destroys any negative stereotype attached to Pinoys. Instead, Pinoys who hate discipline and love ignorance, disrespect and stupidity are the ones destroying the Pinoy identity.

So how are Pinoys who hate discipline destroy the Pinoy identity? Why do you think some people cook up the term "Filipino time"? It's because it's very common among Pinoys to be late. You also have the term "typical Filipino" which links it to Pinoys who are habitually late, who don't save for a rainy day, who party so loud that neighbors are disturbed or in short people who hate to follow simple guidelines and laws. All those are in fact destroying the Pinoy identity. Worse, by being proud of their stupidity by saying "Proud to be Pinoy" then they're further deteriorating the Pinoy identity. They don't really love the Philippines but they only love the stupidity prevalent in the country.