PNoy Pride's Protest Against Marcos' Burial Is Nothing But Self-Interest!

President Rodrigo R. Duterte decides to finally bury the late Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani. While I personally don't approve of the decision of the president but I'd like to raise some points. Why are the Aquinos and their comrades are all protesting against the burial is not based on real concern for democracy but Aquinocracy or Yellowcracy which is the Rule of Aquino or the Rule of Yellow.

Unfortunately for Bum Aquino, he has chewed himself out when he said, "If we don't understand or respect our history, we're bound to commit the same mistakes." His statement itself is not wrong. He's stating a fact that's right but there's one thing I'd like to point out. It's very easy to abuse the statement, "You study history." then you can go ahead and give them faulty historical references like "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" or faulty DepEd history books. Remember when the great Heneral Lunatic said we should study history to prove that protectionism made the first countries the way they are today? I wonder how much did Bum know about his family's legacy in the first place? It's most likely that he got voted because he's an Aquino and not for his achievements as a businessman.

There's one thing that I'd like to point out: PNoy Pride has never learned from history either. The post-Marcos years made even greater decay than the Marcos years. Cronyism got even more rampant than it did under Marcos. The oligarchy was further strengthened by the 1987 Constitution's restriction of foreign investments under 60/40. It also created more room for squatting in the name of "human rights". Worse, the media is now largely occupied by the pro-Aquino media with all its yellow journalism. A lot of Filipinos today have the mentality of "Basta Aquino, tama agad!" which further clouds their judgment.

I don't think it's a matter of protecting democracy but protecting Aquinocracy. The Monsods and the Robleses are among the worst culprits. When Raissa Robles starts voicing out her protest it's not because she's concerned about the country but it's because she's protecting the Aquinos' interest. All the anti-Bongbong propaganda ignores this fact that he's not his late father. Just think Bongbong has accomplished a lot more than Noynoy during the latter's term as senator. As a governor, Bongbong had done a lot for his hometown as governor. But what about Noynoy? He's just been better known for being laid back and sleeping. So why is he making noises again? Dear Noynoy, your term is already over and you don't deserve a second term either!

It's time to think about the Aquino propaganda. Are people really seeing the consequences of Aquinocracy? Are Filipinos seeking to see the truth behind the Aquino? Please don't give me the excuse that supporting the Aquinos is part of being Filipino. No, being Filipino is in no way lost when one opens one's eyes from the deception of Aquinocracy. On the contrary, it's all about becoming a better Filipino when one seeks to fight for a better Philippines.