Please Fire Ombudsman Conchita Immorales!

Yellowtard Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales or should we know dub her as Immorales should get fired. It's obvious that this Yellowtard defender of Aquinocracy is playing favorites. so why launches probe on PNP Director General Ronald Bato dela Rosa for his all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas (and he didn't use public funds) while she refuses to probe Liar Dilemma. If Leila Dilemma's truly innocent then why refuse to probe the case to at least prove Dilemma's innocent. Something's fishy right?

It's obvious that Aquinotards or loyal followers of the Aquino Empire never play fair. For them, you must stand by the Aquinos no matter what. Even before Noynoy Aquino got into power, we see Kris Aquino supporters still stand by their lewd role model no matter how many families she's destroyed. They still think that Noynoy Aquino can do no wrong even if the six years of Aquino went from bad to worse for most of its run. They only want to listen to the pro-Aquino networks such as ABiaS-CBN. One of the worst attacks as of recent was that they trimmed down Duterte's Hitler speech to further vilify the new president. Just think of how the Monsods and the Robleses continue their campaign to make sure that the Empire of Aquino lives on. That's why I fear that one day Kris Aquino may become president of the Philippines someday.

It's really time to fire Ombudsman Immorales. Remember that the Ombudsman was supposed to monitor corruption but what is Ombudsman Immorales doing? She's just favoring the Aquino Empire than the Filipino people. I guess they want to remove the Philippine Flag and replace it with the Yellow Flag of the Aquino Empire. Regardless... JUST FIRE HER ALREADY!