It's Time For The Aquino First Policy To Die

From 2010-2016 we've had this policy called "PNoy First" which may alternatively be called as the "Aquino First" policy. Right now, the very interest of Ombadsman Conshita Carpio-Immorales is for the glory of the PNoy Empire. All the concern of the Liberal Party is the Yellow Ribbon and not the Filipino flag. I guess those PNoy Pridists want to rename the Philippines to PNoypines don't they? So what are these important reforms to add to putting an end to the PNoy First policy? 

Here are some reforms that would help put to death the Aquino First policy:

No more pro-Aquino, pro whatsoever family oligarchy

60/40 is indeed a blessing but not for the people but only for the big time businessmen. Small time businessmen are at the mercy of the oligarch through shitty services. They want to get better services but they can't get them because of the limits. The idea of self-industrialization is as non-existent as your fairy tale story book characters. To say that the first world countries progressed through protectionism is an absolute lie propagated to maintain protectionism and keeping people poor. Remove economic protectionism and allow more foreign investors. Educate the Filipino youth about the benefits of free trade and how the oligarchy ruined the post-Marcos years instead of fix it. Have the Philippines more involved with international marketing rather than have it left behind.

Implementing Singaporean style discipline

It's stupid to keep calling Singapore as "everyone's favorite tyranny." It's stupid how the world draconian is so easily misused. Implementing certain penalties like making people pay fines for littering or breaking simple guidelines isn't draconian. While it would be draconian to shoot people for littering but it isn't draconian to fine people for around PHP 500.00 to PHP 1,000.00 for littering or peeing anywhere to keep the surroundings clean. I would also propose learning from Singapore how to do caning without causing serious injury to certain offenders. If caning were prevalent here in the Philippines then I think incidents of not following simple guidelines may be greatly reduced. I don't care what Commission on Human Rights will have to say. They're also a major reason why the Philippines is pretty messed up!

It's time to shift to a federal-parliamentary system

I guess one of the many reasons why the Liberal Party don't want a federal-parliamentary system is because presidential system could help perpetuate incompetence and popularity based contests. At the same time, should a Liberal Party member win as vice president then the president's resignation or termination would mean the former immediately takes over. But in the parliamentary system it means that when the Prime Minister isn't doing well there can be a call for a vote of no confidence to elect a new head of state with suitable candidates. The deputy prime minister is not guaranteed a seat and more competent people can be nominated to replace an incompetent prime minster. The federal system would also put an end to the Imperial Manila system. 

No more privileges for the ruling class

I don't care who the offender is. It's time to put an end to safeguarding the ruling class. Part of ending the PNoy First Policy would be to make sure that Noynoy and company get their just desserts. Not just Liberal Party idiots but this would also include others like Jejomar Binay and Antonio Trillanes IV in jail with no special privileges. This may also include locking up COMELEC chairman Andres Bautista should it ever be proven that Leni Robredo was installed via the Steve Harvey system. I guess Leni's just clueless as Ms. Argentina and will soon be as shocked as Ms. Argentina assuming that she was installed by the Steve Harvey system of the Hocus PCOS machines. By making sure that nobody's exempted from going to jail then the Aquino first policy will die making sure that anybody who offends will go to jail or even receive the death sentence should the gravity of the offense be that heavy.