RIP Miriam Defensor Santiago But The SAF-44 Case Must NEVER Be Put To Rest Just Yet!

It's a sad day today when former senator Miriam Defensor Santiago passed away. Nobody can forget her great service for the nation. While I may have disagreed with her when it came to federalism but I agreed with her plan that opening up the economy was needed. She was that pill that the doctor ordered during the Corona Impeachment Trial (which also inadvertently exposed the Senate's lack of competence with how they dealt with Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s rather minor offense) and the SAF-44 trial.

Miriam is dead but should we let the SAF-44 case be put to rest just yet? The answer is no. I remembered how Justice Secretary Aguirre said that the case must not be put to rest. I couldn't forget the time she did what she could while suffering from cancer. From making sure that the Senate knew what they were doing, scolding Harvey Keh's idiocy and the SAF-44, it was definitely part of the process of good governance.

Condolences to all of Miriam's friends and family for their loss.