Raissa Robles' Comment On Behalf Of Miriam Defensor Santiago's Wake Has No Respect Whatsoever

It's really annoying how Mrs. Raissa Robles is already an enemy for any changes that would promote a better Philippines. Now she's shown just how much of a witch she is with her latest comment. In the wake of Miriam's death, it's really impolite to say something like that. Then again, what do you expect from people who don't even want to even follow simple guidelines.  

What makes it very inappropriate for Mrs. Robles is that friends and relatives of the late Miriam Defensor Santiago in a state of grieving. Also, isn't all this hatred for Bongbong Marcos very much uncalled for? I don't deny that the Marcos Years aren't the best years either. But it can't be denied that even after the Marcos Years, the Philippines just got worse with cronyism and a dysfunctional sense of freedom. Sometimes, I wonder were the martial law years not as bad as people said it was? Then again, Bongbong is not his father and neither is Noynoy is father. So why keep blaming Bongbong for the wrongdoings of his father?

She really showed why the whole six years of Daang Matuwid was a failure. Is this the real legacy of PNoy Pride? PNoy Pride will never help the Philippines. Not now, not ever and it's time to get rid of PNoy Pride and other similar forms of political retardation.