Dear Noytard, You Want Duterte To Resign But...?!

First, let me tell you that I'm not a Dutertard. I do support some of President Rodrigo Duterte's economic policies of opening up the economy, his desire to shift the Philippines from Imperial Manila system to the federal state system, making curfews for minors but some policies like his plan to reform high school mathematics must go. I'd also like to point out that until Leni Robredo is proven guilty, I still assume she didn't win by Hocus PCOS. Now it's time to address the issue of Noytards who want the president to resign for any terrible event that may have happened.

While I don't think Duterte should have said he'd abolish crime (which is just impossible since states like Singapore still do have crime to deal with but at a much lower level) but I'd like to address the Noytards who demand his resignation. As much as I want to criticize the Dutertards for calling Vice President Leni as "plastic" without knowing the situation, I could still call for Noytards who want President Duterte to resign because of the recent Davao bombing. For the nth time, military presence doesn't automatically mean martial law. If there's a huge state of emergency then we need both military and police to protect the citizens. If they think it's martial law I dare those idiots to counter the terrorists themselves.

Let's just think the Noytards want President Duterte to resign because of the Davao bombing which he gave urgent action towards it. Let's take a look at Noynoy Aquino's lack of action during his term. During the hostage crisis, he could have used his office as president to intervene and get the late Rolando Mendoza sacked. It was partly his fault that the SAF-44 incident happened when he sent resigned PNP Chief Alan La Madrid Impurisima to intervene. His refusal to dismiss his friends like Joseph Emilio Pabaya, Alberto Looney, Butcher Abad and Stinky Soliman for their terribly huge offenses should be another call for resignation and possibly imprisonment during his term. 

What's needed right now is a full assessment of everything going on as part of check and balance. It's not all about as long as it's Noynoy it's already bad or as long as it's Duterte it's already good. What we need is to really assess the pros and cons of everything. It's time to stop any useless political bickering and work towards creating a better Philippines.