So You're Watching Telebasuras In The Name Of "Nationalism"?

For several years, the Philippines already has the problem of the telebasura plague. Why are they called telebasuras? They're not worth the watch and the quality is so bad it's best thrown into the garbage can. It's not because it's locally made or that Filipinos made it. It's because of how poor the quality of these shows are. Why are a lot of Filipino television dramas really bad? Some of the reasons that any Filipino who's fed up with them can name are really bad acting, really bad pacing, overextension at the cost of quality, promoting the victim card mentality, encouraging overacting scenes and when they're shown there's too many advertisements. 

The problem can kick in when any Filipino could think watching these idiotic telebasuras is part of being "nationalistic". Somebody may say that they should be proud of the garbage called Zaido because it's "sariling atin" never mind that nothing's really completely original these days. As much as Toei gave the permission once to GMA, I don't think Toei's ever going to give the permission again. Zaido may have been a legitimate localization of the Space Sheriff Trilogy but it looked like an illegitimate reproduction as if it were just a fan film. The quality looked like it was it was a bootleg film through and through. I don't want to call it nationalism. It should just be called stupidity. The same goes to a lot of shows made by ABiaS-CBN. Good thing that rumored Maskman remake and localization wasn't done because of the problems related to telebasuras. 

Here's one question worth asking those who think watching telebasuras as part of their "nationalism". Let's just say somebody says that if you love to watch J-Drama and/or Tokusatsu then live in Japan. Any telebasura-hating Filipino may ask them whether or not their favorite shows were filmed without the use of imported equipment or imported brands. They need to be told that it's very unlikely that the telebasuras were filmed using Filipino-only made equipment. Plus, they need to be told that if they're so nationalistic then why are their TV sets not made in the Philippines. So much for "nationalism" huh?


  1. Telebasuras is another thing which made me come up with my philosophy of not caring about where something came from as long as I like it, find it useful, and, of course, safe for human consumption. (Speaking of "safe for human consumption." I have deemed telebasuras as "unsafe" because of their brain-cell degrading contents. After all, they're "basura" aka "trash/garbage/rubbish/waste" in English, so what do you expect? What's more, they're the kind of waste which can't be used for biomass energy, unfortunately.)


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