Noynoy Can't Keep Blaming Others For His Terrible Offenses Forever!

Former president Noynoy doesn't deserve to be recorded as a national hero. It's really a problem that a lot of PNoy Pridists who still insist that Noynoy is the best president ever, that the 1987 Constitution doesn't need any changes and that we're "Asia's next miracle" thanks to their beloved Noynoy. The whole cry of PNoy Pride is, "Accept PNoy Pride or else." They would assume in the road of false dichotomy that if you're not for Noynoy or for the Aquinos then you must be for Marcos, for dictatorship and maybe for "foreign invasion" if you want to get rid of the 60/40. Those PNoy Pridists are just among the many reasons why it's very easy to unfairly put a negative image towards all Filipinos.

PNoy Pridists are still out there defending the "great legacy" of Noynoy, that the Aquinos are heroes and heroines, that ABiaS-CBN holds the truth for the Filipino people and that the Aquinos have done no wrong. What I really want to tell those Aquinotards is that they're nothing but a group of people who conveniently ignore the blunders of Noynoy and company. Worse, they have their favorite habit called the blame game. Isn't that what Noynoy was doing? Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he's just been blaming people left and right. He blamed Gloria Macapagal Arroyo day in and day out exaggerating whatever offenses she's committed. During the SAF-44 operation, he decides to exaggerate the failure of PNP General Getulio Napenas who Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago described as "You're a failure but don't take all the blame."

Noynoy still has a lot to answer for and he can't keep blaming others forever for his obvious mistakes. We may want to review a few of his major blunders that could have spelled the end of the Philippines especially with how he's operated a huge network of legalized theft where he used his position to make acts of theft legal by approving financial scams as perfectly okay. These acts of legalized theft that one can mention are Butch Abad's Disbursement Acceleration Program, the Yolanda relief fund scandal which I suggest both Mar and Stinky should be executed for their mishandling, the Commission of Human Rights department that defends crooks instead of victims, and the Bureau of Customs' misuse and abuse of their power to charge unreasonable fees and steal other people's belongings. We can also mention his other faults like the mishandling of the MRT and how traffic in Metro Manila became worse under his term. Those are just a few examples of offenses that should give Noynoy a lot to answer for. 

It's really time to lock up Noynoy together with all those authority figures who also have heavy charges of graft and corruption. It doesn't just limit itself to the Liberal Party members who have charges to answer for but also others like Jejomar Binay and Antonio Trillanes IV. There should be no safeguarding the ruling class and absolutely zero special treatment for him and all those he'll be going to jail with. It's best to let all of them work under the heat of the sun hammering rocks day in and day out. They should be in jail without parole to show that justice really is served. Just imagine the humiliating sight of seeing Noynoy and others in jail doing jail work as low lives instead of the ruling class with privileges. That way corruption will really be discouraged when the ruling class and the wealthy aren't given privileges in jail.