Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. Will Continue To Hurt Those Impunity Lovers!

It can't be denied how he's known as the lawyer who closed his ears in frustration to Miriam Defensor Santiago's tirades. Yet it can't be denied he was also the lawyer who was at his best behavior as Getulio Napenas' lawyer. What can't be denied by now is that he's also the kind of justice secretary that the Philippines badly needs. Considering Santiago herself has already accepted the fact that "justice has been done", it's time to get past the ears covering incident and focus on how he's hurting impunity lovers who thought he may have been their new hero.

With the latest news that Aguirre said. From the Inquirer (an oligarchy-controlled newspaper), here's an interesting excerpt:

Criminals are not humanity. Crimes against illegal drugs, [maybe],” Aguirre said in a text message to the Inquirer, commenting on calls from rights groups to stop the vigilante-style killings of drug suspects, and the possibility of filing charges against Mr. Duterte in the ICC.

From the prison reforms to his current plan to expose what wasn't cleaned up in the Bilibid Prisons, he's definitely not a hero to impunity lovers. Take note that just because he covered his ears during Santiago's tirade doesn't make him one. He even stated at the end of his post-script complementing Santiago's extensive knowledge while suggesting she should tone down her temper. In short, he wasn't dismissing Santiago entirely but only on the basis of her lack of self-control. When he said that a bad attitude throws away your merits that should be proof he's not an impunity lover. 

If there's any time to call Aguirre my new hero it's now. You want to know why he's a new hero now? He's cleaning up the Bilibid. He's starting to have everything investigated to make sure corrupt officials of the previous administration don't get away with what they do. He's making sure if you do the crime you do the time. Those are heroic acts not the minor mistake he did during Corona's trial. By doing so, he's also a hero by hurting those impunity lovers. Besides, by not giving himself publicity for his minor mistake, I guess that should have been a clue from the start that he doesn't want to be a defender of impunity.

Sorry impunity lovers, Justice Secretary Aguirre is NOT your new hero.


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