It's very annoying to have those Filipino ultranationalists who are on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. Let me ask these simple questions to really show to them how self-contradictory they really are.

First, I'd like to ask them whether or not Filipinos invented computers and the Internet. They may be paying electric bills and telecommunication bills from local Filipino companies but the concept isn't Filipino. Filipinos today enjoy a lot of stuff because of foreign influence. Besides, I could also attack them by asking them if their appliances were all made by Filipinos. I don't think any of their appliances were of Filipino brands and/or made by Filipinos. Even if Filipino workers were there in certain countries how sure are they that they were assembled by Filipino hands? Even if Filipino workers did the assembling don't tell me that there weren't anything non-Filipino in those appliances.

Second, I'd like to ask them if they're so anti-foreign why are they using the Internet which was made by foreigners or even promote themselves in social media. Most social media sites are made American-made and yet they are anti-American. If they really hate anything American made then leave anything that's American-made! If they hate foreigners, then leave everything that wasn't made by Filipino-made. It's stupid to rant about how "nationalistic" you are by being "anti-foreign" yet you're on foreign made media.

I'd also like to raise the issue that even if there are Filipino-owned sites but aren't the servers non-Filipino. From free domain to paid domain most of it are American. Those who use paid domains are charged in U.S. dollars instead of in Philippine peso. Even right now, I'm using something that's American made. So really, if you hate America and foreigners in general then DO DECENT PINOY NETIZENS A FAVOR BY LEAVING IT NOW AND FOREVER!


  1. If they are that hateful of Americans or foreigners in general, they might as well do what China did in which they created their own social media site in the form of Weibo. But then again, when these Fliptards do so, it's still hypocritical because the concept of web sites and, as mentioned, the internet ISN'T even Filipino-made. Okay, let's assume some of the people behind these stuff happen to have Filipino blood in them. But of course, they couldn't have done that had they not peacefully interacted with people from other countries AND this does NOT justify their "Penuy Prayd."


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