"Da Pinoy Empire" Is Nothing More Than Idealistic Nonsense!

After reading Chinocracy's post on "Filipino Imperialism", it's easy to see the phenomenon called "Pinoy Pride". Then we have the stupid idea of the idealistic existence of the so-called "Da Pinoy Empire". So what's with this "Da Pinoy Empire" anyway? Is it beneficial to the Philippines or not The Philippines has been run by the system which can be dubbed as "Imperial Manila". We've had several arrogant Tagalogs who protest "No to imperialism!" while they hypocritically adhere to running the Philippines like an empire. It's true that "Da Pinoy Empire" does exist but only within the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. It doesn't exist anywhere outside that territory. But there are some who think otherwise that their "Da Pinoy Empire" is a worldwide empire. 

Are Filipinos really taking over the world as "Da Pinoy Empire" claims?

It's very easy to see and hear people who have their "anti-imperialism" rants such as whenever they yell that foreign investors are foreign invaders. What will it take to get it into their super thick skulls that foreign investors are not foreign invaders? Many of them still want to stick to the ideology called self-industrialization. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that first world countries didn't progress through self-industrialization but by accepting foreign investments. Idiots who lack understanding of basic economic principles who continue to insist that only foreigners will get rich if we open up the economy of the Philippines. Worse, they even think economic liberalization will make the Philippines lose its political sovereignty when it doesn't.

While they complain about "invaders", many of the Tagalistas may think that the OFW Phenomenon means that Filipinos are taking over the world. Many of them may be thinking that the whole world can't do without Filipinos as if there aren't other countries that also offer labor export. Edz Ello had his huge sense of entitlement and it's a good thing he decided to plead guilty for his crime. But it can't be changed that his arrogance cost him his job and that the whole idea of "Da Pinoy Empire" was already in his head. He thought he was taking over Singapore only to realize that he was under Singapore's authority. Where you are you are under that country's government.

It's stupid even for a moment to think that OFWs means that Filipinos are taking over the world. Do they even realize that OFW means Overseas Filipino WORKER and not Overseas Filipino Warrior? They were sent by the Philippines to work in other countries. When you work in another country you are subjected to the rules of a foreign government and if you do the crime then you do the time. The country won't bend its rules for your country. Wherever there are OFWs, it's Filipinos who work for foreign masters and not that specific country is bowing down to the Philippines. The Philippines in turn is forced to adjust to other countries where OFWs are. It hasn't gained a single bit of sovereignty over those countries. 

Most powerful race in the world is an exaggerated statement

The idea of Pinoys are the most powerful race in the world is stupid and racist. It's very easy for those members of "Da Pinoy Empire" to brag that they're easily the most powerful race. During the fights between Philippines and China under Emperor Xi Jinping, it's easy to see how many idiotic Pinoys think that they're going to win and that Pinoy Pride will save the country. Then again, no amount of marching with a banner that says, "Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world." is EVER going to let an unprepared army win against in any battle!

It's very common to shout "PINOY PRAYD!" every time a Pinoy makes it big. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach's victory for the Miss Universe crown last year was just an example. It's very easy to cry out "PINOY PRAYD!" to that. As a child, I remembered how it's very easy to brag about Pinoys who had their achievements abroad. While successful Pinoys should be commended for their achievements but free riding on successful Pinoys is definitely uncalled for. Just because a certain Pinoy wins a competition is no guarantee that every Pinoy will win a competition. The same applies to every other race. No, Pinoys are not the most powerful race in the world. It's probably just an excuse to enjoy one's blunder.

I want to challenge the whole idea of Pinoys as the most powerful race in the world. If that were true then why isn't the Philippines a progressive country as a whole? Even if there are Pinoys who stand out in the field of sciences and businesses but why were they scorned by their fellow Pinoys? It's really a problem to declare Pinoys are the most powerful race in the world while the Philippines is a country that's really in a mess. They better explain why not all Pinoys win a competition all the time if they're supposedly the most powerful race in the world.

In the end, non-Tagalog Pinoys and Tagalogs who fight for change are also victims of unfair discrimination in "Da Pinoy Empire"

The Tagalog-centric government results to giving unfair discrimination towards non-Tagalog Pinoys aside from non-Pinoy Filipinos and foreigners. They can go ahead and shout that Filipinos is for Filipinos or Pinoys but how is it treating Pinoys who aren't Tagalogs? They think that everything must conform to Imperial Manila's system and lifestyle, there's no room for decentralization and right now ABiaS-CBN News Network is having more people speak against federalism. Please, federalism and feudalism are two different things! Feudalism is all about warlords. Federalism is all about having both regional and national governments as a decentralized government.

The whole "stand by your fellow Pinoy no matter what" mentality is idealistic and hypocritical. The Tagalog Imperialists teach that but they're unfairly discriminating their fellow Pinoys who are outside the Tagalog lineage. So if they're required to stand by their fellow Pinoys no matter what then why show such unfair biases towards Pinoys who aren't Tagalog? At the same time, the Tagalistas also show hostility towards every Tagalog that goes against their way of thinking. In short, it's better called as "stand by your fellow Tagalista until he or she stops being a Tagalista" instead of "stand by your fellow Pinoy no matter what".

It's really more than time to tear down "Da Pinoy Empire". Right now, the Tagalistas are desperate to keep their power than to share it. Is the whole tearing down of "Da Pinoy Empire" anti-Tagalog? It's not anti-Tagalog but it's anti-Tagalista. Every Tagalog who wants change is welcome to fight against the Tagalista system. If one expects a better Philippines then "Da Pinoy Empire" must go down as well. It's time to implement reforms that are truly pro-Philippines and pro-Filipino or Pro-Pinoy not pro-Tagalista. That's why it's time to make more Filipinos aware how a parliamentary-federal government will make it more fun in the Philippines.