WTF: Korean Shop In Pasay, Philippines Refuses To Sell To Filipinos?!

I guess Imperial Tagalistas are now getting a taste of their own medicine with their biased "Tagalogs are better than the rest of the world" as this idiotic Korean shop opens in Pasay City of Imperial Manila. Why in the world are these Koreans opening a shop here for Koreans and foreigners only in the Philippines if Filipinos aren't allowed?! It's just pretty stupid to have this kind of policy. Plus, I'd like to give some common sense lessons to those idiots running the store how do they expect this store to bloom if they don't allow Filipinos? If you're in the Philippines then Filipinos are your primary customers! If you don't like Filipinos then get out of the Philippines!

Before anybody jumps the gun and says, "FOREIGNERS ARE EVIL!" or before that idiot Neri Colmenares will say, "See I told you foreigners will exploit us!" then please finish reading this post first! That kind of foreign shop won't even be competitive in the Philippines if it doesn't allow Filipinos to enter to buy its products and avail of its services. Isn't it that if you invest in the Philippines then providing jobs, services and products for Filipinos are your top priorities to cover? Let's think of this Korean shop if it goes against a competent local Pinoy businessman. Let's say a competent Pinoy businessman opens a shop that caters to foreigners and locals alike with good Filipino food. That in turn would really put that idiotic shop out of business. When it comes to business sustainability it's not a matter of local or foreign but how one has that competitive advantage. I'd like to say how can that Korean store have a competitive advantage in the Philippines since it refuses to sell to Filipinos?! I hope that shop gets bankrupt for such a stupid practice!

What I suggest is that based on balanced free trade that if foreigners want to invest with 50% to 100% ownership (depending on their choice) then they must agree on certain things to keep the balance. These restrictions are that they must pay taxes, get the necessary permits (and of course, eliminate red tape), that their firm should be employing Filipinos and selling to Filipinos primarily because this is the Philippines. In short, discrimination must never be allowed by any investor whether they are local or foreign investors. If you invest in another country, it's only ethical to offer employment, products and services first to the locals of that country. Any firm like that stupid Korean shop in Pasay should be deported for its discriminatory practice against Filipinos. That's how we balance trade without either allowing foreigners to control the country or to maintain national sovereignty at the cost of employement. 


  1. This is pure idiocy, I am a Korean American living and working in New York. If anyone said that shit my face, I would smash her face with the cash register and feel just has been served. How can she said that shit as a foreigner I think it is nothing but prejudice and racist. People in Philippines should shoot her with a 45, but forgiver her ignorance.
    I humbly apologize for her ignorance and I like to let you know I have many Filipino friends and they are the most caring and sincere people over any people. So, burn her store down instead shooting her cuz it is her ignorance not by hatred. So, let her go back to her country empty handed after burn her down the store. I know I'm being crazy but do not allow this kind of behavior especially in your own country.
    Let's set the standard for those prejudice and stupidity has no place in the Philippines especially when Duterte is the new president;)


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