Today Is The Real Philippine Independence Day But Are We Really Truly Independent From Foreign Control?

Today is July 4, 2016 and the truth is the Philippine Republic was truly born on July 4, 1946. In short, the Philippines only 70 years old since the Americans left. While June 12, 1898 is indeed an important date to note for liberation from Spain but the Philippines didn't become independent from foreign power until July 4, 1948. Philippines became its own state after the Commonwealth period was over. Then we know that Manuel Roxas Sr., Mar Roxas' paternal grandfather became the first official president of the Philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo only ran a revolutionary government not a real one. The Philippine republic has had 38 years of real independence from foreign control and not 100+ years as we're led to believe last 1998. The centennial celebration should have only focused on the victory against the Spaniards but not to be referred to as Philippine independence day itself. 

Now let's answer this question, "Is the Philippines really free from foreign control?" Many times, I keep hearing the same old nonsense that says, "Foreign investors are foreign invaders! We will lose our sovereignty if we allow more foreign direct investment! What are you thinking? We've been free from Spain, Japan and America for years and you want foreigners to rule us over again? Be thankful that we're blessed by the idiotic 60/40 policy because only foreigners get rich from foreign investment! You're about to make us a foreign colony again!" Yes 60/40 is a blessing but only for the oligarchs of the Philippines. The rest of the nation suffers as a result of such idiocy. A few possibilities to whoever would say something as idiotic as that is either an oligarch, a spoiled child of an oligarch or somebody who lacks understanding in Economics 101. When foreign investors entered into developed countries under reasonable trade barriers (ex. requiring them to pay taxes and follow the rules of the country or risk deportation) they didn't come to conquer those lands. Instead, they bowed down to a foreign head of state asking for permission to do business.

In truth, the wrong value of ultranationalism has only led it to be controlled by foreign power instead of defending its sovereignty. It's already in the sets of stupid people that OFWs means that the Philippines is taking over the world. On the contrary, it isn't because the truth lies in this one that the Philippines doesn't control any country where they send OFWs. Instead, the Philippines must abide to the rules to where they send their labor force. OFWs must bow down to a foreign country. They didn't go there to land the Philippine flag and say, "I claim this land in the name of the President of the Philippines." If a country decides to say, "No more OFWS! Period!" then the Philippines can't complain anymore. If a lot of OFWs decide to cause trouble here and there they'll be kicked out by the developed countries. Let's just say if Hong Kong decides to bar Filipino OFWs because of a major incident that caused trouble, the Philippines can't tell Hong Kong, "Well we sent you OFWs, we control you now!" Hong Kong can only say, "Seriously? Since when did the we become your colony Imperial Tagalista?! Since when did every country with OFWs have to become a new state of the Philippines?"

On the other hand, you should realize that countries which encourage foreign direct investments under reasonable restrictions have managed to keep their state under their control. Let me ask this question did foreigners rule over China when Deng Xiaoping opened up the economy? Did foreigners rule over Singapore with Lee Kwan Yew's economic liberation policy? They kept their power even with all the foreign investors. The reason was because they set reasonable restrictions without compromising employment. They allowed 50% to 100% ownership for foreign firms which makes it more welcoming to invest. Some firms may want to seek local partners worldwide but a 50% share is more welcome than a 40% share. They made sure that the foreign investors were there to do business and only business, pay the required taxes, treat the locals right and follow the rules of the country or risk deportation. I don't see that as any kind of foreign invasion. The only time that foreign investors may become an invasion force is if its free trade without reasonable restrictions.

It's time to ask do you want the Philippines to be truly independent from foreign countries to meet its basic needs? Then as I said stop adhering to Heneral Lunatic's idiotology of self-industraliation. Whoever the guy is, he's really out of his mind. Only idiots who know nothing about Economics 101 would follow the idiocy of Colmenares' economic plan or believe in the top seven lies that protectionists make. Just ask yourself do you want to go to a vacation in North Korea or South Korea? Would you want to go to have a vacation in the impoverished state of Bangladesh or in the progressive state of Taiwan? These questions can also ask do you know what makes them progressive? They didn't self-industrialize as idiots like Lunatic want you to believe. Instead, they opened up the economy for free trade with reasonable restrictions!