The Problem Of Blaming "The Punisher" For ALL The Killings That Happened Recently

I agree that Rodrigo Duterte needs to have check and balance before his policy can spiral out of control. Fortunately, we have Senator Panfilo Lacson and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. to help in that area! I hope Miriam Defensor Santiago can also collaborate with her former nemesis during the Corona Trial since she's already accepted the apology. Let's take a look at what's going on. We're having the scapegoat culture. After all, didn't the previous administration just keep blaming Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for everything wrong in the Nobita Administration?

As of recent, yellow journalism and anti-Duterte retards has been attacking the Duterte Administration with hearsay while saying that the current killing of drug syndicates were done only because of hearsay. Some PNoy Pridists who may be upset that the joke Mar Roxas didn't win and only Leni Robredo won a high seat as vice president. Senator Lacson's statement that no investigation will be done when it's based on hearsay without evidence. I trust Lacson and Aguirre in this issue on the war against crime. One's a former PNP chief with a good record and the other is a frustrated lawyer who saw his client Hubert Webb suffer severe injustice based on hearsay. As of right now, Aguirre himself is worth saluting because he's making up for his minor infraction during the Corona Trial by doing something with the crooked justice system.

Here's what if they were really reading news or knowing what happens don't tell me NO KILLINGS happened during the Noynoy Administration or even before his administration? Having grown up from the Cory Administration up to Duterte as of present there were already killings that I can remember and many of them were not the fault of the incumbent President during those administrations. So should be blame the late Cory, Ramos, Erap, Gloria and Noynoy for ALL the shootings that happened during the previous administrations? The answer is not at all as shootings can happen ANYTIME regardless who's in power. If a corrupt cop decides to go on a shooting spree should we blame PNP General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa for that and immediately conclude that he's guilty based on hearsay? The answer is still no. While Dela Rosa may need to be investigated if he gave the order or not as part of protocol but we should also consider the possibility that the corrupt cop was acting on his own accord. If proven, Dela Rosa must do his duty to give that corrupt cop a lesson then!

As for summary killings some of them may just be something that President Duterte didn't order out. Let's say that no thanks to six years of Etta Rosales' idiotic policies that no justice was ever served for several years so they decide to take the law into their own hands. One may be thinking that just because President Duterte is now the president that vigilante killings are now okay. Some people are probably just bitter because they or their loved ones were victims of injustice. I even felt like what if friends of victims of injustice like Hubert Webb are now trying to get rid of all the people responsible for the frame-up. What if we have people whose children became drug addicts no thanks to all the leniency done during the past and no appropriate action was done. Dela Rosa himself is right to say that maybe just maybe the summary executions were done by vigilante groups NOT endorsed by the Philippine National Police. Investigations still require to be followed since these vigilante groups may that to spiral out of control as well.

How would the Aquinotards like it if Dutertards decided to blame former president Noynoy for the Manila Hostage Crisis when he didn't even mastermind it? I suggest why not even blame Noynoy for masterminding the SAF-44 massacre when his fault was breaking the chain of command by letting Alan Impurisima take charge rather than him ordering the terrorists to shoot down the SAF-44. Let's also blame Noynoy for ordering the three drug mules to go to China even when it wasn't his fault. I really want to give those Aquinotards the same treatment of blaming ALL the shootings to their beloved former president Noynoy. But as much as Noynoy has much to answer for he shouldn't be charged of what he didn't do. Likewise, I stand by what Lacson says as of late that De Lima may just be making hearsay that people were getting killed based on hearsay that they were drug dealers.