The Need To Punish Those Involved In The Yolanda Relief Operation Fiasco

Here's a picture of Stinky Soliman getting a slap from Matoi Tatsumi/Go Red from GoGoFive (modified by me) to show just how horrible her job as the DSWD Secretary was. The dialogue above says, "Why did you allow the rice for the victims to spoil?" That's a good question especially with how irresponsible the Nobita Aquino Adminstration was with just everything. The whole sad legacy of PNoy Pride is something that should be NEVER AGAIN. It's not just NEVER AGAIN to martial law but also NEVER AGAIN to PNoy Pride governance or NEVER AGAIN to the Rule of Yellow. 

Did anybody remember that stupid comic book called "Sa Gitna Ng Unos"? It can't be denied that Mar Roxas has presented himself to be a hero yet the comic book reveals just how much of an idiot he is. Does he expect the people of Tacloban to believe he's a hero after he said, "Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo?" or "You're on your own!" after the Typhoon Yolanda disaster? Not only have they provided poor shelter houses for victims (that could just be easily destroyed by any incoming storm) but they have also neglected the welfare of people with rotten goods. What in the world was Stinky thinking when she allowed the rice for the typhoon victims to rot?! The people needed immediate assistance and if it wasn't for other charity organizations, maybe the disaster could have gotten worse.

Where did the billions of pesos worth of relief funds for Yolanda victims go anyway? Considering all the legalized thievery that happened during the Nobita Aquino Administration then it's safe to assume that it went to their pockets and was distributed by other legal thieves. It's annoying to think how often do the Aquino loyalists keep talking about the Marcos wealth all the while the Aquinos, Cojuangcos and their allies also have all the ill-gotten wealth? A good example of their allies getting so much ill-gotten wealth is Alan Impurisima. How in the world can a policeman live in such a beautiful estate when he's not a well-to-do entrepreneur who owns a chain of successful businesses? I guess it's safe to assume it's all part of the process of legalized theft. 

Those involved in the Yolanda relief operation fiasco should get their just desserts whether it'd be long term imprisonment or even the death penalty. As said, get rid of the habit of safeguarding the ruling class. Every last person responsible for all the disasters that happened during Nobita's term should be locked up and/or get their just desserts. If possible, they should all get the death penalty due to the number of lives lost. The Chinese government did the right thing to execute Health Minister Zheng Xiao You for the melamine scandal as well as executing other Chinese crooks who are involved in the manufacturing of fake food products. Unfortunately, with the Philippines becoming the Impunity Capital of Asia. It has become a haven for Chinese criminals. Chinese criminals just need to pay the National Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Customs and other respective offices to do their criminal activities. If they did their activities in China they would be next in the chopping board. 

Both Stinky and Mar may even deserve to be executed by televised firing squad as a warning to everyone including those in power not to treat lives lightly especially those of calamity victims. What they did had harmed a lot of people in Tacloban resulting to adding more people dying after Yolanda. Forget about what those stupid Filipino human rights activists like Etta Rosales and groups like Migraine International say about the rights of criminals. I'd say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of all those whiny activities. It's really time to get serious with such corruption. Did they even think of the families that were affected during Yolanda? With all their movements that has been declaring a heroine out of a crook or making it appear like the three drug mules were three martyrs then I wonder who's rights do they defend anyway? As said, enough is enough!


  1. We need an authoritarian government and rule to trump democracy to suppress liberal yellows.

  2. No, let's all go full-blown Singapore government style, put the worst criminals into death rows, arrest corrupt politicians, give important things (i.e. food, water, shelter, clothing, jobs) to the poor, force the shutdown of biased media, abolish "Imperial Manila", set up strict rules and regulations, put fines on even the pettiest offenses and break discrimination amongst different individuals, for a BETTER PHILIPPINES! GO AND CHANGE IN THE NAME OF MARIA MAHARLIKA!


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