No Special Treatment In Prison Houses Especially For Guilty Influential People

I previously talked about some of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s prison reforms. Now it's time to talk about some reforms for the prison cells. It's really a joke to have life imprisonment in the Philippines if the prison cells aren't really prison cells but vacation cells. I'd like to share some things that were found about the Bilibid Prison.

Why would so many wealthy criminals would be afraid to go to jail if Bilibid has become a luxury hotel instead of a prison house for wealthy criminals? True some jails in Bilibid are not yet luxury cells but others are getting that privilege. It doesn't make sense to lock a person up in jail if they have the privilege to use it as a secondary residence, it looks like a five star hotel instead of a prison. If I were a wealthy drug lord or criminal with so many connections to the government then I would just need to pay the Department of Justice, the National Bureau of Investigation and other respective offices to give me a luxurious cell. Prison then becomes a joke as a result if I can get in and out anytime I want. In short, there's really no justice being served if I can turn the Bilibid into my new criminal headquarters.

What do I suggest for reforms in the Philippine prison system? I'm not saying that they should be fed dirty food and made to drink dirty water. What I suggest is that there should be no special treatment for anyone especially for those guilty authority figures. I suggest it's time to make prisoners in the Philippines do backbreaking work for the whole day. Give them some sledgehammers and rocks to break. Give them heavy work to do under the heat of the sun under strict supervision. Make them do sweating work and absolutely NO AIRCONDITIONER or privilege to luxury. Make every guilty citizen do heavy work without pay so more people will be afraid to commit crimes. I would definitely hate to break the law if I had to do all that heavy work with no opportunity for comfort after doing backbreaking work!

As for guilty authority figures and those with high power and influence, I really say that their subjection to do heavy work like breaking huge rocks with sledgehammers would help minimize corruption. Let's think of how for six years or more where corrupt authority figures like Nobita Aquino, Mar Roxas, Butch Abad, Jejemon Bitay, Etta Rosales, Joseph Pabaya, Jose Devil Conrado, Alberto Looney, Antonio Trollanes IV, Stinky Soliman, Kill Henares, Andres Bautista, Alan Impurisima and many more were making Filipinos do heavy work with so little pay all the while they have so much pay with so little work! Many Filipinos have to go abroad to look for jobs away from their families while these corrupt politicians are living in their comfort zones. You have them committing acts of legalized theft to live their luxurious lives at the expense of the Filipino people? Like who can forget all the stupid events that happened no thanks to the pathetic legacy called PNoy Pride

If the prisons are prisons to everyone regardless of status then the more corruption cases will drop. Just think who would want to commit legalized theft or any form of abuse of power if they would be sent to concentration camps instead of luxury prisons? If I were in authority, I'd be a lot more careful if the law provides such punishment for corrupt officials. Just imagine if one day we'd have to see those authority figures who made the Philippines worse than it was getting their just desserts. Just imagine if all the impoverished may even get the chance to beat up Kill Henares. Just imagine if we're going to see Liar Dilemma and Etta Rosales bossed around by prison bullies whose rights they sought to protect. Just imagine if we're going to see Joseph Pabaya forced to move carts of rocks himself and the other prisoners will give him lots of obstacles. Just imagine if we're going to see Stinky Soliman have to eat prison food so she'll know how the Yolanda victims must have felt. Just imagine if we see Alberto Looney now getting his stuff raided every now and then because he kept doing unfair raids while he was at the Bureau of Customs. That should at least help curb some corruption to a lower level when nobody gets special treatment because of their influence.