Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s Prison Reforms May Have Already Shocked Impunity Lovers!

Ever remembered the time when a lot of people thought Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. was their "new hero" because of his mistake during the late Renato Corona's impeachment trial? While I can remember fuming over what he did and making a fuzz about it, I failed to see that there was a bigger fault with the Senate itself. I don't think he was entirely against disagreeing with Senator Miriam Santiago's argument but he was obviously displeased by her repetitive nagging. Then again, the Senators also deserved that repetitive nagging for treating the process as a game. A few years later, he became Getulio Napenas' lawyer where he was at his best behavior. Let's focus on the whole idea of "my new hero" to "my new enemy".

Some people felt he was a new hero when he covered his ears out of frustration even when that wasn't an act of heroism. That minor offense was an act of someone who simply had a meltdown or wasn't in a good mood on that day. Some people even felt he should have not said sorry to Senator Santiago for what he did. While he did have the mistake of trying to justify his minor error but he also mentioned that Senator Santiago has great performance but she should also control her temper. Some of the Aguirre backers still stated that they do admire Senator Santiago's work but she should be more careful with her words. I don't think it needed a caucus to punish him. He could have just been admonished immediately the next day. Speaking of people who said he shouldn't have said sorry, they probably have been in for a shock when Aguirre wasn't only made the justice secretary by President Rodrigo Duterte. 

The reason for impunity lovers to be shocked is plain and simple. Justice Secretary Atty. Aguirre is not an impunity lover. While he really did something wrong during the Renato Corona impeachment but he was willing to take the punishment for what he did. If he were an impunity lover, he would have continued to try and justify his minor mistake. Plus, when he walked out of the Vizconde Trial, he was upset at how the Philippine justice system is faulty. His many years as a lawyer has given him this experience of how the Department of Justice needs a makeover. With all the raids done in the prison cells and having new reforms to get crime punished, I guess a lot of his fair-weathered supporters who called him "my new hero" aren't so pleased to see their "new hero" be a true hero. After all, what do you expect from a group of people who make heroes out of the wrong people?


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