The Need To Get Rid Of The Culture Of "Laging Kawawa Ang Pinagalitan O Pinaparusahan" Mindset In The Philippines

Here's an old video to what I think is just a social experiment judging by how the "foreigner boss" was talking with pauses in between. I guess the employee here may not be working for the boss or is working for the boss and has agreed to be part of a social experiment. In this skit, the Pinoy employee always shows up late. The boss has had enough and gets mad at that. The employee answers "Filipino time" as his reason and gets fired. You can hear some people feeling sorry for the person who's scolded. This reminds me of how often the victim culture is widely acknowledged in the Philippines.

The mindset of "Laging Kawawa ang Pinagalitan o Pinarusahan" or better translated into English as, "The one who's scolded or punished always deserves sympathy." for non-Tagalog speakers reading this post. That mindset has created a series of problems in the Philippines. One of them is that the Commission on Human Rights has fostered a culture of impunity. Its former chairwoman Etta Rosales has been known to defend more on the criminal rights than the rights of the victims like she may have even fought against the right to defensive killing. Instead of having both sides investigated, only the slain criminal is given consideration over the person who killed out of self-defense. The one who killed the criminal should also be given consideration whether or not it was murder or self-defense. 

If a person is scolded and/or punished for not doing anything wrong then that person deserves sympathy. But if the person is scolded and/or punished for doing something wrong then that person doesn't deserve any sympathy whatsoever. But in the culture of impunity where doing wrong is more fun in the Philippines then you have the right to do wrong. In a culture where one-sidedness is the norm, most people choose not to look at the other party before jumping into conclusions. A good example is that how a lot of Filipinos tend to comment without reading posts properly. They're too controlled by their emotions. Worse, they may also have that stupid mindset of "I'd rather commit suicide if I have to follow rules." which makes them hate rules. They tend to confuse proper discipline and physical/verbal abuse causing more and more wrong behavior to be tolerated. For them, a country like Singapore is a concentration camp refusing to tell the difference between that country and North Korea.

One song always comes into my mind whenever it comes to the "Laging kawawa ang pinagalitan o pinarusahan" is the song "Kahit Konting Awa" or "Just a Little Pity". It reminds me of how that B.S. The Flor Contemplacion Story distorted the facts showing that she was an innocent victim. The film became a blockbuster hit making more Filipinos stupid than ever. Years later, the same problem still keeps repeating itself whenever a Filipino is getting punished for a crime they really committed. All the while, the same group that condones to the crimes of their fellow Filipinos want guilty foreigners in the Philippines punished immediately. Seriously, where's the give and take to all those people? Again, the culture of take and take is really prevalent in the Philippines? Hardly!

With this in mind, let me remind you of one simple fact. For the nth time, let me tell you that one of the biggest reasons why the Philippines can't progress is because of people who refuse to follow simple guidelines. It's time to really make sure that simple guidelines are properly followed. After all, how can the country progress with bigger issues if they can't even handle simple tasks such as obeying simple rules?