The Big Difference Between Nebula Mask Machine Man And Machine Mar Roxas

Although the elections are over and Mar Roxas LOST big time. I felt like writing this post to recollect a childhood, an old shame that may not be an old shame and a person who's shamed himself during his campaign. Let's get started shall we?

As a 90s child, I remembered watching the show called Nebula Mask Machineman. It was dubbed back then and my memory of it is vague. A few years later, I decided to read reviews and the show was just plain horrible to many. But let's get to the points of what the show was about.

The show was about an alien from the Planet Ivy who came to Earth under the guise of Ken Takase. Along the way, he ends up encountering the criminal organization known as Octopus led by the old man known as Dr. K. The villain starts launching stupid plans against children and it's up to Ken to save the day. So Ken himself takes the role of Machine Man and saves the day from Dr. K's insane schemes.

The show itself was a real failure. I'll admit it was pretty stupid. But the bottom line was that Ken Takase/Machine Man is a real hero. I guess if he were real, he wouldn't even care about the popularity ratings. He'd only care that he did his job to save a bunch of children.

Unfortunately, there's also Machine Mar in real life. I still can't help but compare his appearance to Ken Takase. I even felt like calling him Machine Mar because he becomes anything but a good leader. So he was the DILG Secretary for several years. He was also serving the administration of Joseph Ejercito Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino III. He's everything Ken Takase/Machine Man isn't!

In an attempt to get his popularity ratings during the presidential race he did a lot of state of epal campaigns. Perhaps what's missing is that he should have had himself crucified on Good Friday to complete the cycle of stupidity. He even dared to make a comic book about himself where he's the "hero" of Yolanda. That's something Ken in Machineman wouldn't do. Ken didn't care about popularity as long as he got the job done to save the day. But no he cared too much about his popularity at the expense of others like when he lied that he was the "superhero that saved Tacloban from Yolanda".

As much of a failure Machine Man really was but Ken as a fictitious character shows what's missing in Mar. Ken himself didn't flaunt himself in public no matter how many cheers there were. But for Mar, he's trying to be a hero only for the sake of applause. After the elections, I'm exactly wondering is there still any use for Machine Mar?