Many Filipinos Remain Poor Because They NEVER Learn These Ten Simple Lessons

Backtracking from the current count of the elections of Bongbong vs. Leni, it's time to address poverty again. I'm afraid so many Filipinos may actually be celebrating poverty. They think poverty is okay, that they're "blessed" in their poverty. It's really a delusion given to them by stupid people and some anti-elite mentality followers which causes them to do the stupidity they do.

Here's ten simple lessons that have been long neglected by many Filipinos which explains why a lot of them still remain poor. In short, it's still Poor in the Philippines because people haven't learned how to budget their resources for living.

1.) Following simple guidelines wherever you go

How can you expect these Filipinos to progress if they don't follow simple guidelines? If you can't obey the simplest of rules like traffic rules, not throwing garbage anywhere, doing simple errands and cleaning up the place after you're done. If you refuse to follow simple guidelines, you can be sure you can't get a good job. Only incompetent establishments tolerates such foolishness. Stuff like asking you to pick up pieces of paper and take out the trash is all part of seeing whether or not you can be trusted in bigger stuff. If you can't be trusted with a small job then you can't be trusted for a bigger job.

2.) Valuing one's time and the time of others as gold

I don't want to even call it "Filipino time". No, it's not Filipino time. It's just being late. Habitual tardiness is a real time killer. Whoever thinks that one hour is not a lot of time is being plain inconsiderate. As a time killer, being late means it will fail to meet the necessary quota, it destroys trust which in turn kills business deals and it also wastes the time of others. That's why employees who are habitually late must be fired and businesses that waste time are not trustworthy. If people can't show up on time then how can they keep a job and/or a business deal going smoothly?

3.) Not having a starstruck mentality where you treat entertainment as a need instead of a want

Even after a few years, I still can't forget the One Direction ticket incident where while others gracefully accepted that they didn't get the tickets, others cried and acted like it's the end of the world. Then later, we had somebody from Davao who filed a fake sick leave to see Takeru Satoh as if he knew her personally. I have nothing against certain fanbases though I'm already going against other fanbases like the Kris Aquino fans or the ABiaS-CBN supporters. Some people can even go as far as to borrow tons of money from other people or skip their priorities just to satisfy their obsession with the entertainment world. Others will treat their barrio fiestas as if they're so important then they lack the money to meet their needs. Most people just spend too much for their celebration to the point that when the celebration is over that they're already broke as a joke.

4.) Not wasting any of your valuable resources like food, water, electricity and money

I've noticed many Filipinos even in the lower income sector waste their food. They can't consume it, they just throw it away. They can say that it doesn't cost much. But any little incident can grow huge if it's not taken care of. It's really a pain to think how food is wasted and taken for granted even by the poor people. If you can't budget your necessary resources like food, water and electricity then it's going to cost you a lot more than if you learn to manage them properly. This also includes saving money for a rainy day. One must always have enough savings to make both ends meet. Otherwise, without money how can you make both ends meet?

5.) Not spending beyond one's budget and income

There's always the bad habit that many Filipinos have in thinking that lifestyle is an indicator of one's wealth. Many people have nice stuff but they're broke. They borrow money not because they have something important to do but to pursue useless pleasure. So how can you be "rich" if you have lots of nice stuff but your bank account is zero? Nothing is wrong with an i-Phone if you still have lots if ipon (savings) after buying it. What's wrong is when you have an i-Phone and you don't have ipon. Considering that it's so easy to get sick these days then you really should make sure you have both ends meet. It's always necessary to do proper computations and savings of money to pay for all one's necessary expenses.

6.) Taking good care of your health

It's a problem many Filipinos don't take good care of their health. There's a saying that health is wealth. I believe one of the biggest reasons why many Filipinos are broke is because they have bad habits that hit their health. Getting drunk, eating too much sugar, sleep deprivation, chain smoking and indulgence in high cholesterol foods can destroy the brain and the heart. So they care nothing more but pleasure but what if those activities land them in the hospital? A stroke is no joke as it may even empty the pockets of the patient. If you take good care of your health then you'll have much lesser expenses.

7.) Don't be an Okay Fine Whatever, be an OFW with a plan

Do you know why many Overseas Filipino Workers remain poor? They get huge tons of money, they bring it home but what do they do with their money? They have the Balikbayan Boxes for friends and relatives who are parasites. Instead of saving the money, it's spent left and right which results to them still remaining poor. They may receive high salaries but if they can't manage the money well, they'll always remain poor. The cycle repeats itself and worse, many OFWs still continue the same cycle of being an Okay Fine Whatever instead of being an OFW with a plan.

 8.) Not learning the basics of microeconomics and macroeconomics

It's a problem that even when more qualified people speak, they don't listen. It doesn't take a genius to understand the basics of supply and demand, to understand that too many restrictions or too little of it can hurt the economy, that foreign investors aren't foreign invaders and that the protectionist economy sucks. If they think that supply and demand isn't natural law then I guess that's why many Pinoy-owned businesses don't last long. Like many of them don't realize that prices must go up or go down depending on the cycle of supply and demand. No wonder many of them are so easy to recruit into the idiotic Filipino ultranationalist groups. It's not about whether or not Filipinos are wired with economics or not but it's all about how much are they willing to learn the basics of economics so stupid people don't mislead them.

9.) Being open minded towards foreign direct investors owning 50% or more in terms of ownership

Do you know why many job opportunities are dead in the Philippines? It's because many Filipinos continue to support Heneral Lunatic's ideology of self-industralization. Ultranationalist groups like Bayan Muna, Akbayan, Gabriela and Migrante still don't get it that Lunatic's ideology doesn't work. I wonder if those ultranationalist groups really just want to remain poor than open up the economy. History has already taught that Lunatic's ideology doesn't work with how Dengist China was much better than Maoist China or how North Korea is way behind South Korea. This in turn allows the ultranationalists to continue passing laws that keep Filipinos from having more opportunities to get out of poverty.

10.) Taking care of your needs instead of expecting for a welfare state

It's a problem that most Filipinos think that they're entitled to a welfare state. Even if the Philippines will start to increase foreign ownership while granting reasonable restrictions, you will still be poor if you don't grab those opportunities. While the government can be partly at fault for poverty rising if it doesn't give reasonable economic policies that generate employment but remember poor people still exist in developed countries. If you don't work then you don't get paid. Forget about everyone is equal because that just encourages a system that rewards laziness while punishing diligence. There are opportunities but you must grab them or lose them. While government is needed but don't rely on them too much expect for legal matters like getting your permits or setting legal disputes. But if you need to promote your business, do it on your own with people you can trust because the government is not there to take care of all your needs.


  1. 11. Failipinos, especially those leftists and religious extremists, blame the West for their own problems, even if they themselves have caused it in the first place.

    1. Oh yes blame the West all the time even when it's their problem is a very common problem indeed.

  2. society also has its own failures. it should give everybody equal opportunity to improve economically. the leftists and religious extremists are fighting for that. these 10 simple lessons are useless if there is always inequality.

    1. Of course the issue of inequality and the need for equity should be addressed. Stuff like opening up the economy and good governance is still needed.


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